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[Tutorial]Basic guide about NAT and how to change types(Odd)

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[Tutorial]Basic guide about NAT and how to change types(Odd)

Post by genxmur » Sat Dec 05, 2015 6:00 am

Suprisingly I can't believe there isn't a tutorial on this in the forums for PS3.Then Again I used the search function since Im lazy so Im not sure.But basically this tutorial is targeted at those who have NAT 3(Type) and want to change it to NAT 2(Type).Obviously its been done like a 1000 times but I wanted to create for the forums.Yeeaaah sorry I couldn't find anything else to write about ._. Anyways lets get started.
Now first I'll list some things you ought to know about.I'm not gonna explain these since I think most of you know them and I believe Im wasting space BUT I'll leave links to them so you can read in detail about them if you want.
MAC Address:
NAT: ... ranslation
Port: ... etworking)
NOTE:I think it contains something about port range forward as well even if it doesn't refer to it.Though I could be wrong
Static IP:Generally refers to elements of the Internet or computer programming that are fixed and not capable of action or change. The opposite of static is dynamic.
TCP: ... l_Protocol
NAT Type 1:You are either NOT behind a router/firewall OR you have already DMZ enabled your PS3. Your PS3 is connected properly and you shouldn't run into any issues.
NAT Type 2:Your PS3 is connected to a router. Your PS3 is connected properly and you shouldn't run into any issues.
NAT Type 3:You are behind a router/firewall. While your PS3 may be able to connect to the PSN and perform downloads/updates other functions may not work as intended.

NOTE:Now you don't need to know about them exactly but you should have some idea even if its vague.

Finding what your NAT Type really is:
On your PS3 Go into settings then network settings then internet connection test.Once the process is complete you'll know whether its 1,2 or 3.

Changing your NAT Type:
In case you have a NAT type of 1 or 2.Unless you're playing some Big MP games like COD,It shouldn't matter.If you have Type 3 then hopefully this will work.You can't be 100% sure as its not the same for everyone.There are other factors involved such as routers(Different routers,Different way of going about it) etc.

First things first,You'll need to setup a static IP.This tut./Guide is already quite long so I'll just leave a link here:
After that hop on your ps3 and go to Settings,System Settings then System Information.There should be something about MAC Address,Write it on some paper or save it on notepad on your computer.
Now you'll need to open some ports.Firstly log into your router,In case you don't know how,You can follow some guides on on how to do it and how to open ports,Its pretty straight forward and won't take you long.After you're logged in go into the section that says something along the lines of 'Gaming' or 'Applications'.In my case:
And open these ports:
TCP: 80, 443, 5223
UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658

After that,Log out,Restart your router and PS3 and do the network test again.If everything went well your NAT Type should change,If it doesn't that means something went wrong in which case its probably the router bit so I can't really help you with that.Once again,Different routers e.g. I had a friend who I tried to open ports for personally and I did the same process on my computer.Strangely enough his ports didn't seem to open probably something about routers.Its silly but not necessarily the router's fault although the chances are high.

Enjoy! :mrgreen:

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