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Create a custom boot logo for your PS3

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Create a custom boot logo for your PS3

Post by aliko95 » Sat Oct 25, 2014 9:15 pm

Hi, in this tutorial I will explain how to create a custom boot logo for your PS3.

To do this, you will need:
- A PS3 in any CFW.
- Adobe Photoshop installed on your PC in order to create your logo;
- The DDS plugin for Photoshop (you can download it here : ... -photoshop), which allows you to edit your logo;
- Boot Logo Creator (download here :;

Now follow these steps:
- If you have not already done so, install Adobe Photoshop;
- Then install the DDS plugin;
- Now edit your .DDS files;
- Then open Coldboot Creator.exe and follow the steps.

1. After installing Adobe Photoshop and DDS plugin for it, you need to open the DDS files in the Boot Logo's (dds's). After opening a DDS file, select the option "Load Using Default Sizes" to load the file with the default sizes.

2. Once your logo is created, you need to back it up with the following configuration:
-in the scrolling menu choose “2D Texture”.
-under the “MIP Map Generation” select “Generate MIP maps”.

3. Repeat these steps for the 6 images, but be sure to keep the default size.

4. Then open Coldboot Creator.exe, and click on the "Press" button under Step 1.

5. You will need to convert DDS files GTF files. To do so, click "Convert Pictures" and follow the instructions.

6. Once you have converted your images, browse, using the button "Browse" your respective images.

7. Click "Start", and close the window telling you that the operation is successful, then go to step 2 in Coldboot Creator.exe by clicking on the respective Press button.

8. Follow the steps on the screen allowing you to compress.

9. Proceed to step 3 in Coldboot Creator.exe.

10. Browse the files listed that allow you to create your final Coldboot.raf file, and then click "Finish".

11. Finally copy the file previously created to your PS3 in the following folder : /dev_flash/vsh/resource


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Re: Create a custom boot logo for your PS3

Post by ColemanJohnson » Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:40 am

It is a forum that I was searching for very helpful, I was only aware of one tool thanks for sharing.

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