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#401510 by genxmur
Wed Nov 25, 2015 6:19 pm
Just to clear it up,The 3rd person is the holder of the account.It is NOT 1 owner and 3 other people.Also In case you do not know what game sharing is.Its exactly what it sounds like.Sharing games.

Step 1:Put the account as seconday on your PS4 and for the first friend and activate as primary.You can find this option in the settings Image

Step 2:After the first friend has downloaded(Mooched off) the games he wants,Tell him to launch a game.Only Launching.
NOTE:I don't have any proof that you NEED to do the launch thing,But I've read it on some places so worth trying anyways

Step 3:After this,Login to the PSN Site Online and select the 'Deactivate devices' setting.Do tell your first friend not to sign in again though :P Can mess things up.The games will still work as long as you do this.
NOTE:This deactivate option is only available every 6 months,So if you've already deactivated it once,Sorry :( no way past that.


Step 4:Afterwards,Give the account information to your second friend and let him mooc- I mean download games off of you.Set that one as primary again.

Step 5:Let your second friend keep the account as primary because YOU (The Owner) will probably just play on this account(Secondary works OK) Your friends will be able to play YOUR games from THEIR accounts.
Sorry if this confused you :o

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