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Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:57 am
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How to Open a PS4 Game Case.

We live in the digital age and while many including my self are still a fan of disc media, We see many user's who buy all of their content digitally (a great thing until the company goes bellyup/merges/sells or simply changes policy) . At times you may be gifted a plastic box or you simply decided to buy some physical media yourself. Now you own a fancy box with a cover and this flat disc shaped thing that apparently will slide into the console. More on that another day, lets not get ahead of our selves here. First we must figure out how to open this after we get back to from the store / getting the package from the mail / Opening that gift

Step 1: Peel the clear plastic off of the Game Case.
(now many make the mistake of peeling the plastic that is also holding the printed game cover. You should not remove that thicker plastic that holds that cover).

Step 2: Once the clear thin plastic has been removed, You will see a small thin separation (when looking at the front cover) on the TOP and BOTTOM and RIGHT SIDE. This is where the case will open similar to a claimshell. You are then greeted with a flat circular disc. Remove the disc.
Pro Tip: Secure the edge of the disc lightly and press the center hole to easily remove the disc safety.

Step 3:. You have not only Open your PS3 or PS4 Game Case but you have successfully retrieve the disc. In my next guide we will cover how to insert the disc into the console and how to start a game. As we know that has been a highly request tutorial.
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Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:33 pm

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