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[Tutorial] Retreive savestate after Adrenaline 6 fix update

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[Tutorial] Retreive savestate after Adrenaline 6 fix update

Post by domon07 » Sun Sep 10, 2017 4:52 am

This tutorial will help you retreive your savestate after uninstalling your old Adrenaline and upgrading to the latest Adrenaline 6-fix if you are using uma0:pspemu as your default Memory card location.

Step 1: Make sure that you change the default Memory card location back to "uma0:pspemu" after upgrading to Adrenaline 6 fix. You'll realize that all your savestate from Adrenaline 5.1 and below are gone even after changing the default Memory Card Location.

Step 2: Open up your Vitashell and copy all the files/folder from "uma0:pspemu/psp/savestate/" to "ux0:pspemu/psp/savestate". Overwrite the files or backup the old savestates as you like.

Step 3: Download and install Adrenaline States v1.0 vpk. Open the app and it should show all the savestates you've copied to ux0. Change the major version to 6 and minor version to 0 on each of your savestates.

Step 4: Open up your Vitashell again and copy the updated savestate files/folder from "ux0:pspemu/psp/savestate/" back to "uma0:pspemu/psp/savestate".

Step 6: Run Adrenaline to check if the savestates from your old Adrenaline is available to load again.


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