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#415386 by niszczycielnpc
Mon Nov 28, 2016 1:02 pm
Ok so some of us are using vita to watch youtube videos me too...
Problem is, When you wanna watch video that have more than 60minuts it will not start it (you will get of error or infinite loading circle).
However i found way to get it working! Only problem is.. You will get bad quality video.

Ok so how to load an video on youtube with more than 60minuts.

1. You go to youtube.
2. You click on three dotes in upper right corner, Now you in menu.
3. You click on the last option that says something like "Computer version"

Done! You can now watch any video above 60min.
If you wanna go back to previous youtube version for vita you just go to bottom of website and click on "Mobile version"

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