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[Tutorial] How to enable plugins on ARK

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:59 pm
by corbin92
Hello everyone! I've been seeing many people asking how to enable plugins on ARK, so I've decided to make this tutorial to help everyone out.
This is my first tutorial on Wololo. Just thought I'd throw that out there. Also, I'm sick at the moment, so please let me know if I've made any typos. My fingers aren't working as they should. :shock:

First thing's first: The requirements.
  • A PS Vita with ARK installed and ready to go (of course)
  • A PC
  • CMA (I use the official CMA)
  • The plugin you want to install and enable on your Vita
  • PSPFiler installed on your Vita.
Now for the tutorial.
Find the plugin you want to install here.!NlYCQITY!MU9WnA7_V98tnJC8zUxWRA. Navigate to the PS Vita Folder, then click it and go to TN-V>Plugins and find one or more. You can also search Google if you have a specific plugin in mind. For this tutorial, I'm going to use CWCheat.
On your PC, you need to open up your text editing program (might I suggest Notepad++?).
You're going to need to know what mode you want to use your plugin for. For example, for PSP ISO's, you use the mode "umdemu", for eboots, you use "game" and for PS1 emulation, you use "pops".
For example, to use CWCheat on a PSP ISO, you need to type this into the text editor.
I've already defined what the mode is for, but I'm going to go more into detail about the structure of the rest of the line now. First thing's first, the commas between "umdemu" and "ms0:/" and between ".prx" and "on" are MANDATORY. Do not delete it out. After the first comma, you see "ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat.prx". This is the directory where the plugin is (or will be. We'll get to that soon) on your Vita. After the second comma, you see the word "on". This is made to enable the plugin. If you don't want a plugin active at the moment, set it to "off". However, we want to enable CWCheat, so leave it on.

If you want the plugin to work on an eboot, simply either copy that line to a new line and/or change "umdemu" to "game".
For PS1 emulation, some plugins, like CWCheat and TempAR, have a POPS specific plugin, which for CWCheat, it's named cwcheatpops.prx.
Now, save your file and name it PLUGINS.TXT in ALL CAPS. This is important. If you don't type the name in all caps, it will NOT transfer over to your Vita via CMA.

Now, find the CWCheat zip you downloaded, preferably from the link I posted near the beginning of the post. You'll need to unzip the file and copy the contents (which should be a folder named "P_CWCHET" if you used the link I provided) into a savedata folder in your CMA's PSAVEDATA folder, for example Dissidia Final Fantasy's folder is named ULUS10437. My PSAVEDATA folder is located at "C:\Users\Corbin\Documents\PS Vita\PSAVEDATA" on my PC. Any Savedata folder, just not ARK_12345. Also, paste the PLUGINS.TXT file you created into this folder.

Open up CMA and connect your Vita. Transfer the Savedata folder containing both the CWCheat's Zip file and PLUGINS.TXT to your Vita. Once completed, close CMA on your Vita and open up PSPFiler. Navigate to your PSP/SAVEDATA folder and find the Savedata folder you just copied. Open it up and find the PLUGINS.TXT file. Highlight the file and press X to open up the file menu, then Circle to open up the Directory Choice to copy the file. Here, again we will open up PSP/SAVEDATA, but this time, we will highlight the ARK_12345 folder and press Circle to open it, then press Triangle to copy it.

If you do not already have a SEPLUGINS folder in the root folder (see that single slash mark in the upper left corner of the screen? That indicates the root folder), then you need to create it. Move to the slash mark and press X, then press L. A file name dialogue will appear. Type in SEPLUGINS in ALL CAPS then click ok.

Now, go back to the Savedata folder where CWCheat's zip file is. Highlight the zip, then press Circle. See that seplugins folder, press Circle on it too. Now you see a folder that says cwcheat. Highlight it and press X, then Circle to copy. This time, we're going to copy it into the SEPLUGINS folder you just created. Scroll down to the SEPLUGINS folder, highlight it and press Circle, then Triangle. Your plugin is now installed and ready to use.

Open up your preferred game to use CWCheat on and hold the Select button for a few seconds. The CWCheat menu loads up and you're able to enable/disable cheats!

Other plugins follow this same method, however, the button activation is different for different plugins.

With other plugins, such as prxshot, the screenshot plugin, it's a bit more detailed. I'll link the post I made to help someone else. viewtopic.php?f=52&t=41636#p380483

I hope this tutorial helped out those who needed it. I'm sorry it's quite long. I have trouble simplifying things and tend to draw things out too much.

Re: [Tutorial] How to enable plugins on ARK

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:57 am
by JMQMOfficials
There's a bunch of tutorial like this.
You can just put a 1 to enable the plugin or 0 to disable it in the text file...
Or use Snake's ARK Plugin Manager.

But with the wall you put up, it's still a good tutorial with a lot of effort.