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#339382 by BlackJiggy
Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:25 am
So, you finally got TN-V installed on your PS VITA. Now what? Wondering how to install everything else? Im here to help with that.

Note: All these methods were tested on my own vita, and they work. If for some reason they do not work for you, let me know and i will try to help.

Need homebrew,themes, or plugins, and dont know where to find them? Head over to the Official TN-V Homebrew - Plugins - Themes Thread, its an amazing resource run by Moderator SMOKE.

Open CMA:

It allows you to safely transfer your files through USB without an internet connection.

Installation is simple, simply go here, download the files, and follow the instructions on the page.


FTP stands for "File Transfer Protocol". In short, it allows you to access files wirelessly from a server through a client.
Using FTP for your eCFW allows you to easily transfer homebrew for installation, roms, plugins, and themes.

Luckily, the latest version of TN-V, TN-V8 has a FTP Server function built in! Simply navigate to "Settings" and you should find an option named "FTP Connection". Make sure your wifi is turned on, and hit the button! The server should automatically set up every time, and should say FTP Server is now running on ftp://XXX.XXX.X.X , the x'es being the ip address the server is now on..

Now that the server is running, you need a proper FTP client. I suggest FileZilla, which you can download here.

Open up FileZilla, then follow these simple steps:





Now you can see all the folders of the eCFW shell! To transfer your files simply drag and drop over to the right folders.

Congratz! now you can easily transfer files through FTP! However, I suggest transferring ISO's through the CMA however as they are usually large and will take a while.

Homebrew Installations:

FTP Installation:

Installing homebrew through FTP is easy as pie, simply connect, drag and drop the homebrew folder into PSP/GAME/, exit, and there it is. If it does not show up, or works improperly, try the CMA installation instead.

CMA Installation

Enable file extensions for easy and
mistake free renaming.
, and make sure you have Open CMA installed.

Some homebrews come prepackaged already in a zip file. If the homebrew you downloaded is already in a zip simply make sure it follows the nesting folder structure below and continue with the installation process.

First, check your homebrew's folder. It should have an EBOOT.PBP and occasionally other files.
In order to install your homebrew, it needs to be nested inside two other folders. Simply create a folder named PSP, create another folder inside that one named GAME. Then place your homebrew's folder inside the GAME folder. The structure should look like:


Zip the entire PSP folder (with GAME and your homebrew's folder nested inside), and name it "INSTALL.ZIP"
Now simply move the INSTALL.ZIP folder into your exploit savedata folder (The game you used to install TN-V) and transfer over to your vita though the CMA.
Trigger your exploit game and check for your homebrew in the GAME section, it should now appear.
Press the triangle button and hit install. This will install your homebrew and copy it over to the correct location.
When prompted, feel free to delete the file.
In order for the software to appear, you need to check something else, like music or videos, then recheck the game section.

Congratz! You know how to install homebrew.

Game Backups (also known as ISO's)

Don't ask me where to get iso's, please.

CMA Installation:
First, rename your backup file to a name that is a maximum of 8 characters, and is in all caps. For example: GAME1.ISO, or PERS3.ISO, etc. Copy the renamed file into the exploit savedata folder on your PC. Mine for example is Persona 2.

Then simply copy the savedata folder onto your vita with Open CMA.

Start your exploit, navigate to the game section, and your backup should appear. Hit triangle and install your backup. You can then delete the file when prompted, as it has been copied to the proper location. Check something else on the XMB, check the game section again, and it should appear.

Finally, play your backup and have fun!

FTP Installation:

I personally don't recommend this method, as backup files tend to be large and transfering them through FTP can take a while. The CMA method is much faster.

If you insist however, the FTP method is pretty simple. Transfer the file directly into the ISO folder. No renaming is needed. If the ISO folder does not appear at first (didin't for me), you can create one through the FTP client.

Direct to XMB Installation:

You can use this method to install a backup directly onto your eCFW without using a pc.

First, install PSP Filer. It is a homebrew that allows you to move, copy, rename, and delete files in your eCFW system. Just like a regular pc. It can be found here.

Start the psp browser and navigate to the site you have stored your backup game file on. Download your backup. When it's finished, start PSP Filer, and navigate to the backup file (should be in /PSP/COMMON). Select it, then hit X, and rename the file to something under 8 characters, and in all caps.. Then hit x again and copy the file to your exploit savedata folder, which will be in /PSP/SAVEDATA/. Exit PSP Filer when finished (Select and Start).

Then simply go to your game section, install, and delete the backup file from your savedata when finished.


Transfer your plugin ZIP file to your exploit savedata folder, through CMA or FTP. Once finished, boot TN-V, and hit select on the XMB. Click the recovery menu option.

You are now in the TN-V recovery menu. Make sure not to click anything by accident. Navigate to "Plugins".
You will see "Plugins Installer, Plugins Manager, and Plugins remover. These are how you install, enable/disable, and delete your plugins.
Installation is simple, go to Plugins installer and hit x when you have the name of your plugin selected.

Most custom themes require you to install a plugin, cxmb. This plugin is included in the latest version/download of TN-V, TN-V8. It is named P_CXMB.ZIP I suggest Installing it right off the bat.

Theme installation is exactly the same as plugin installation (above). There is only one extra step. After installing your theme, go to Settings, then Theme settings. From there you can select your custom theme.


FTP Installation:
By far the EASIEST way to transfer roms, simply connect and drag the rom files over to the proper folders for the emulator.

CMA Installation:
A bit more complicated. First, make sure you have PSP Filer installed.

Take your ROM files and put them into a simple folder, which can be any name you want. Then zip the folder and name it INSTALL.ZIP. Copy this folder to your exploit savedata folder, and transfer it to the vita.

Start the exploit and open PSP Filer. Navigate to the savedata folder, and open the zip file. Inside should be your roms, safe and sound. select your roms, hit x, and copy them to the proper folders for emulation. Exit PSP Filer and run your ROMS!

This tutorial can always be improved. If you have any suggestions, please PM me.
#341741 by Blankets_McGee
Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:45 pm
*Direct to XMB install*
I tried this several times and it never works....I tried with KHBBS and Spyro 2 riptos rage...I renamed it (within 8 charater limit) all caps
(as well as made sure my "hide file extensions" wasnt on) but it doesnt show up in my games section..any ideas? Bad game possibly?
#341745 by SMOKE
Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:49 pm
Blankets_McGee wrote:*Direct to XMB install*
I tried this several times and it never works....I tried with KHBBS and Spyro 2 riptos rage...I renamed it (within 8 charater limit) all caps
(as well as made sure my "hide file extensions" wasnt on) but it doesnt show up in my games section..any ideas? Bad game possibly?

Open PSPFiler and go to your savedata. Is the file there?

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