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About Essay Writing

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About Essay Writing

Post by lenorajperalezl » Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:14 pm

As World War I was over, diplomats, philanthropists, and scholars tried to understand the causes of the conflict in order to establish perpetual peace. They referred to philosophy, history, law, and economics and derived the study of international relations that meant to project future conflicts from past historical events. The discipline expanded as the world politics became more complex, and by now IR is the greatest subfield of political science that deals with human rights, migration, economic development, and all forms of international conflict.

British historian Alfred Zimmern became the first scholar of international politics at the University of Wales. He and his fellow liberals expected organizations like the League of Nations to provide practical solutions to end conflicts and foster international cooperation. However, realists who sought sophisticated reasons behind a war criticized them. Anarchical environment limited the effectiveness of institutions, and realists promoted sovereignty, or control over one’s own physical territory, as a key to international coordination. As opposed to the liberal and radical views, Marxian scholars introduced their radical version of IR. Class interests were supposed to capture the power of the state and affect its foreign policy.
After World War II, the course of IR changed again. The study acquired an economic prospect after the World Bank and International Monetary Fund had been created. At that time, neoliberals concluded that sovereign states with market economies do not start a war with each other. After the advent of nuclear weapons, a new threat to IR emerged. Diplomats and policymakers agreed that the access to nuclear technology should be internationally regulated if people wanted to escape the mass demise.

In the 1980s, alternative approaches to IR appeared. The classic state-centered emphasis marginalized some concerns put by new theorists. These were feminist IR, constructivist IR, and environmental IR. Obviously, international relations became more than discussions of economic bonds and governmental regimes. In the 21st century, terrorism, cybercrime, and ethnic conflicts became new challenges to IR. They urge non-political circles to understand and participate in IR to resolve pressing problems imminent to most countries. For more such a interesting and enthralling examples you can visit Also you can find there a huge amount of different interesting tips for writing essays, dissertation, coursework etc.

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Re: About Essay Writing

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Thanks for this, I'm sure it's a really good idea !

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