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Will Save File Modification be achievable on 4.05+ without resigner?

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Will Save File Modification be achievable on 4.05+ without resigner?

Post by Gazra » Tue Jan 02, 2018 6:13 pm

I am curios as I think most people may be at some point but would this kind of thing be possible on any of the exploited firmwares for the PS4 (1.76 or 4.05 as of the moment) for save files created on any of the following

A) Higher Firmware than what the "Jailbroken" PS4 is running.
B) Different Accounts or
C) Different Region/Changing Region

I am aware that there is software out there to do such things but is it not true that it is all done server sided from there end and are probably using an exploited PS4 to do it anyway.

I am basically looking for an alternative to the paid software which allows us to modify the saves freely without having to use a paid service if I already have the exploited console to perform this on.

Ideally I would like to use the saves from my current up to date firmware transfer them over to the exploited PS4 and modify the saves that way then simply transfer them back over. This is mainly for single player campaign things that I would like to mess with.

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