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PS4 Unable to lauch installed content from PSN on 4.01

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PS4 Unable to lauch installed content from PSN on 4.01

Post by james194zt » Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:29 pm

Hi All,

I had an issue with my PS4, the PSU was on deaths door so I had to replace it, this all went great and my PS4 is back alive and well. When I turned it back on the date had reset itself to some time back in 2012 so I presume the CR2032 CMOS battery inside had also died. I replaced the batter and added some much better heat transfer compound to the CPU whilst I was in there as well as giving it a good spring clean and dust so the PS4 is as good as new.

Everything back together and working great, except... Every time I try and load PSN content I get the error telling me that I must set the date/time from the Internet. I have amended the time and date manually to put it back to what it should be and then set it back to automatic but again everything says that I need to set the time and date.

Unfortunately I cannot set the time/date from the Internet because if I do the PS4 demands I sign in to PSN by upgrading my firmware which I don't want to do as 4.01 looks like a promising firmware to be on! I have tried setting the Internet connection to off line but everything then says that I need to connect to the Internet and the game just closes down, these games are full games that are purchased (not PS+) so it is very irritating that the PS4 refuses to launch them. Interestingly I have another profile on this machine and I can launch games that were on this profile from the profile that isn't working which is interesting, I am wondering if the PS4 has deleted the PS4 equivalent of act.dat for this profile when it saw that the clock was messed up which might explain games from the other profile working but that is just a guess.

I do have a full system backup of the machine from prior to doing this work as the PS4 intermittently would start up before I replaced the PSU so I took a backup when everything was working, but does anybody know if the activation data would be in this backup? Do you think it would be worth trying to restore it? I was going to clone the hard disk with Acronis before doing this so I can put it back if nothing improves.

Has anybody got any other ideas before I try this?

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