Pro Team's PSP Custom Firmware for the Vita. ARK can be downloaded here
#416503 by nraudigy2
Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:25 am
Working for me. I had to use FTP to transfer eboot file to Vita in ux0:\PSPmenu\game\gameID\ Transfered ARK2 through PSP save game. Backed up PSP game to PC, then restored from PC to Vita.
#416698 by area4689
Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:25 am
Does it matter which game you use for the ARK to work? I'm confused, but I downloaded the zip file with the pboot/eboot and stuff. one is the pboot.pbp file and the other is a folder called "ARK_01234" which contains several files including a "eboot.pbp" file. can you try and help me with this please? id really appreciate it!
#417091 by fate6
Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:00 am
Link works fine on my end.

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