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issues transferring ARCADE DARTS from PS3 to VITA

Pro Team's PSP Custom Firmware for the Vita. ARK can be downloaded here
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Re: issues transferring ARCADE DARTS from PS3 to VITA

Post by dubara » Thu Feb 12, 2015 8:45 pm

fate6 wrote:Doesn't matter thats its the same account or that you downloaded it, The Vita has a whitelist of apps and games that it will allow so when SCE pulls a game from the store they also remove it from the whitelist.

You need to wait till its back up and SCE has allowed its transfer.
Ah ok, thanks for the fast Reply.So for Example Patapon, Skate Park City, International Athletics and Space Invaders Extreme will be work?Because they are back in the Store and are buyable.They are on the Exploit List for my Firmware and will work.Am i right?

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Re: issues transferring ARCADE DARTS from PS3 to VITA

Post by .nina. » Mon Feb 16, 2015 12:05 pm

I have an update regarding the genesis of this post.
As mentioned before, I successfully got ARK working via HOT BRAIN, or whatever it's called.

from that, somehow I found the FTP
and using, FileZilla

I was able to transfer Final Fantasy Type 0 successfully. I was even able to transfer the game saves from my PSP1000 (yes, the classic 'super hackable' first generation PSP). I bought a 64gig PS VITA memory stick a couple months back, which works great, at a price tag of $100, but totally worth it. I'll be copying over Final Fantasy Crisis Core soon.
Currently, I'm working on FF4 for android on my Xperia Z1, (I've nearly completed my 3rd and final play through, got all best gear unlocked; onion equipment, 5x admant armour etc. I'm getting ready to take out PROTO BABIL, but I'm farming SILVER apples to max out my HP for all 5 cahracters). I'm nearly done FF10HD on Vita. I've unlocked all 'ultimate weapons' for everyone. I'm farming items to customize armour and nearly completed entire sphere grid for everyone. I unlocked NEMESIS, and I've just taken out DARK SHIVA, so I'm prepping for D.Bahamut, D.yojimbo, D.Anima, D. magus sisters, then nemesis. Once that's all done...SIN! Once that's done, FFx-2. I'll be playing bits of TYPE-0 and Crisis Core in between.

Just gotta learn up on the custom bubbles. I'd be much easier to play these games without having to load up HOT BRAIN each time.

Thanks for all the feedback guys!
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Re: issues transferring ARCADE DARTS from PS3 to VITA

Post by Rauliki » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:58 pm

Just make ARK bubble. I dont think making Type-0 would be easy. Imho it's not worth it.

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