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I only want to use CFW or PS3HEN to dump some games for RPCS3, can I have a clean system for PSN again after?

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 11:10 am
by SkyDX
Hi everyone,

I thought I would reach out to the community here because I'm honestly unsure about what to do. I have a CECHL04 Fat running on 4.82 OFW and with the progress that RPCS3 makes I would love to play some of my games on PC, mainly Persona 5, Demon's Souls, Drakengard and both Atelier Trilogies along with Ridge Racer 7 maybe. I know I can either install the Rebug CFW either directly on 4.82 or go through 4.84 HFW or even PS3HEN v2 now and then use Multiman to dump everything I want, I read up on that but the problems I see come after.

I have a sizable PS+ library and just a 500gb HDD so I can't download them all in advance which makes me iffy about locking myself effectively out of PSN. I wanted to ask, is it possible that I can dump my games and then "clean" my system so I can go back to OFW and use PSN as normal having a total peace of mind? I thought at first that PS3HEN 2.0 would allow me that but then I realize that if I use Multiman through it it will still appear in my Software History so that also wouldn't be great.

I know there are BluRay drives that would allow me to dump games but these cost 80€ here in Germany and some games like Demon's Souls I have digitally so that wouldn't help me much there.

Thanks for help and advice in advance! :)