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6.60 TN-V11 coming soon

Total_Noob's PSP Emulator Custom Firmware for the Vita. CEF can be downloaded here.
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Re: 6.60 TN-V11 coming soon

Post by Fadi5555 » Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:24 pm

reprep wrote:
fiddystick wrote:
trebuin wrote:First, a lot of people were not at the event that caused the developers to leave...we just don't know exactly what happened, hence now we all have our opinions. Next, insulting someone is not going to help bring them back. I don't know TN, but he could very well be taking a break from this. I do that every time I get worn out on a project, or just need to get back to life for a bit. It takes a lot of effort to develop what all these people have.
But.. What happened is all over the forums.. lol
so, can you summarize it? Do you know every aspect of it? Let's not make assumptions at the things we don't know well.

I hope Total_Noob returns back and releases TN-V11 and TN-X. It would be great. If not, i will continue to use TN-V10 and PS1 Loader and appreciate his work and all other devs' (qwik, Acid_Snake, Coldbird just to name a few) work who helped in exploits, coding stuff.

It isn't fair to blame him for not releasing TN-V11, his work, his choice. It is very unfortunate that i see a lot of angry, blaming messages lately in this thread.

I guess it would be wise to lock this thread and open it again when and if TN returns back.

You are 100% right it's time to close this thread until TN return back.
Again and again we all exiting about Tn-V11 with popsloader support and other stuff on TN-X like add more than 16 game on TN-x menu and mapping buttons and how to back again to TN-X menu as well.
All these thing are exiting and looking forward on it.

All I can say I hope he could back and release it.

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Re: 6.60 TN-V11 coming soon

Post by solidsnake » Thu Oct 16, 2014 8:30 am

I like these things and wish there were more of them but there is nothing i can do except be patient and wait. Besides, these things never existed before! Unless you can create it yourself, you are stuck. And thats why we need to be thankful. :D

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Re: 6.60 TN-V11 coming soon

Post by fate6 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 3:28 pm

Yea so if TN ever decides to release it then he can make a new thread.
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