Total_Noob's PSP Emulator Custom Firmware for the Vita. CEF can be downloaded here.
#316992 by Freakler
Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:22 pm
This XMB mod replaces the unused USB icon with an FTP option to fast launch any FTP client.
The mod works with TN-V4 and future versions only, everything older is not supported!
Of course you can manually install your favorite FTP-Homebrew to "ms0:/PSP/APP/FTP/FBOOT.PBP"!
Here, Coldbird's Vita FTP Client will be installed and used as default! All XMB languages are supported.

screenshot.png (67.65 KiB) Viewed 10336 times

Copy the "USBtoFTP" folder to "ms0:/PSP/GAME/" on your Vita manually,
or use the prepacked INSTALL.ZIP installation methode!
Then launch the EasyInstaller to install and deinstall the Mod itself.

+ added VSH mode check to prevent issues in Homebrews
+ added prepacked INSTALL.ZIP
- small fixes

Special Thanks to:
Total_Noob for TN-V and early access,
Coldbird for his FTP Client,
and SMOKE for beta testing!

EDIT: Note for TN-V8+
Since a stock FTP feature is added to TN-V8 this mod becomes more or less useless, but it still works and brings you the custom Icon!
You can either use the in-XMB FTP client or Coldbirds Homebrew if you prefer! -> Just enable or disable the "use in-XMB FTP feature" via the RecoveryMenu to switch between


Greets and have fun :)
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#317004 by Freakler
Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:30 pm
Total-Noob wrote:Looks fantastic, the icon :O thanks!

Thanks, I never came to release it earlier because the eboot loading plugin didn't work.. until now! :D
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