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#414933 by udkultimate
Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:53 pm
Hello folks.

I think I have solution, I don`t know if it will work, it may or not, however, I will try.

I want first of all to know if is there a debugger app for PS Vita, which can trace memory at runtime.

Whenever I was porting UDk for Xbox360, my friend had a Xbox360 devkit (he was an ex-xbox360 developer), so the first build I compiled of UDK Engine on Xbox360, it did not run. So then my friend, on his xbox360 devkit, there is an option to show error log, then he discovered that the executable was calling for an ini file (it displayed the name of the ini file required), and then I discovered that the name of the ini file was wrong, so I just renamed it, so it worked.

Unreal engine games work diferent from other engines in the sense that all the game logic is not stored inside the executable (eboot.bin, default.xex, udkgame.exe), but it is everything inside the ini files and compiled unreal script files.

So i will try to hack one Unreal Engine 3 Game I purchased on PSN Store yesterday (and I was able to download it on my Henkaku Vita). The game is called 2013: Infected Wars. It is not the best PS Vita Game, but is a kind of fun, is a 3rd person shooter against zombies (lol). This game was created using Unreal Engine 3 for PS Vita.

What I want to do is to hack the game`s eboot.bin (the final executable) to load my UDK Engine content files and scripts. In example, the game Gears of War, has the game folder GearGame, and inside it is the content and the ini files, the scripts, everything encrypted in xxx files. So the executable generally calls for GearGame.ini which is inside some of the xxx files, and this ini file calls others, and so on, aswell call the script files.

Suposing that this game 2013 Infected Wars has the game folder called ZombieGame, so then, I would change my ini files and folders to match the same name hierarchy, so in theory, it would load.

Now maybe there are some hashes, like the eboot.bin maybe signed and hashed to the games specific folders and files (but maybe only the folders, not the file size), so I will try to get the same ini files and folders to see.

But for xbox360, there is a tool that removes hashes checking from the game executable, this is how people hack and mod games. But after seing that some people here modded vita games, like the guy who changed the ps vita all stars battle royale intro video, I think that taiHenkaku should be able to load the game even if the hashes get corrupted.

So because this I need a tool that can trace on runtime this game 2013:Infected Wars, so then I can now exactly the names of the files being loaded by this game, so then I can adjust my ini files to match the same files being called by the game`s eboot.bin. I have how to encrypt the files back to xxx format, because this is the format output from UnrealEngineFrontend.exe whenever you compile for both Xbox360 and PS3 (PS3tools.dll). So I have the source code for this dll, so i think will not be so hard to change it to be compiled using PSVita SDK.

#414937 by fate6
Fri Nov 11, 2016 4:55 pm
I don't think any such tool is publicly available unfortunately and I don't think psp2shell does it so IDK.

On The plus side HENkaku enables debug loading so you don't need to worry about hashes as long as its a valid executable.
#414949 by udkultimate
Fri Nov 11, 2016 8:10 pm
Hey! I know how I can trace the execution of psvita in runtime!!! There is a tool inside the Official PS Vita SDK that can do this, but for this to work, I would need to add the PS Vita on PSP2 Neighborhood as a PS Vita Devkit (think PS3 DEX Realtime Memory Modding). So my question, does the Henkaku CFW has the option to behave like a PS Vita Devkit? In other words, how can I turn my Henkaku PS Vita into a Devkit?
#414951 by fate6
Sat Nov 12, 2016 4:22 am
udkultimate wrote:Hey! I know how I can trace the execution of psvita in runtime!!! There is a tool inside the Official PS Vita SDK that can do this, but for this to work, I would need to add the PS Vita on PSP2 Neighborhood as a PS Vita Devkit (think PS3 DEX Realtime Memory Modding). So my question, does the Henkaku CFW has the option to behave like a PS Vita Devkit? In other words, how can I turn my Henkaku PS Vita into a Devkit?

I don't believe anyone has figured that one out yet, We know the kiosk unit flag but thats about it.
#415243 by udkultimate
Tue Nov 22, 2016 8:01 pm
Akabane87 wrote:Not to mention that all profiling/razorgpu stuff won't be available without a real devkit, even if you manage to attach a debugger to the psvita.

Thanks for the info. I am trying a different route. I will try to hack / edit another game`s eboot.bin (a game created with UE3 for PSVita), to make it load my custom game files and content, because in UE3, the gameplay code is not inside the game itself, but on the scripts and ini files. A proof is that there are some modders who created tools that allow to edit and change these game content files (like textures, scripts) from the game XCOM, and MASS Effect. So my idea will be try to change the game files and content, like modding the game. So my idea would be to a person create a map, change the script, create custom characters, textures, animations (using the UDK Engine Editor), and then inject these changes to replace the psvita game files (I am using the game 2013 Infected Wars).

#415323 by udkultimate
Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:37 pm
shadowbrony33 wrote:Try and see if Borderlands 1 could work

Yeah, I will try. I already dumped the game to my PC (2013: Infected Wars), I got the files, the eboot.bin, the Cooked Game Files (the game content on UE3). I even began to rebuild the UDK Ultimate Engine from scratch.

However, I also got a full time job of Web Designer, and as we are close to christmas, so there is a lot of advertising work that I am doing to our clients (black friday banners, christmas promos, and so on), and because this I was not able to work too much on Porting UDK Engine to Vita these days, but I think next week I will have some free time, so then I will surelly come back and see what I get.

If there is a need, I will try with Borderlands aswell, however, I prefeer to use 2013 Infected Wars, because it is from a small studio, and I suppose that a small studio will not have the need/resources to change the Unreal Engine 3 Source Code too much, like, let's say, netherrealm studios, which changed Unreal Engine 3 a LOT, so that it's almost a new engine.

I need to use a version of Unreal Engine 3 which is most close to the version I am using, and by playing the game 2013 Infected Wars is almost the same as Gears of War, with some custom scripts.

As soon as I have some new progress, I will post here.
#417270 by udkultimate
Mon Mar 06, 2017 3:23 pm
Hello friends. Just I liked to say that althought I was not able to port UDK Engine to PS Vita, I have done some great progress, and I am close to release UDK Ultimate, I already begin to prepare the "release material".

I created a Youtube Channel on which I am uploading some videos of UDK Ultimate in action, especially my last advancements: ... =0&sort=dd

Take a look at these 3 videos:

As you can see, I am porting ALL Gears of War Guns to UDK, and I already ported ALL 3D Models from Gears of War 1 to UDK, so that means that anyone will be able to create a new gears of war game using UDK Ultimate.

Something I am proud of, is the gameplay, especially the shooting gameplay. On the original engine UDK, you only have a laser weapon which is not realistic nor fast, but I think I have made a cool shooting gameplay, on which the weapon trully shoots a projectile, a bullet (3d model with a fire trail particle effect to simulate the tracer effect), and this bullet whenever hits the enemy leave a blood mark (wound).

These effects don`t exist on the original UDK Engine (Unreal Engine Development Kit), but all these features now are default in UDK Ultimate Engine, so anyone who downloads and installs the engine gets these effects outside the box :D

Now I will just port some Gears of War vehicles to UDK Ultimate, especially the helicopter and make it driveable, then UDK Ultimate will be ready to see the light of the sun.



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