VHBL (Vita Half Byte Loader) is an open source tool to load PSP homebrews on the Playstation Vita.
VHBL can be downloaded at http://wololo.net/vhbl
#280229 by titegtnodI
Wed Jul 24, 2013 2:53 pm
For NES on Fieldrunners, there are reports of issues to do with loading ROMs. Please post if Nester AOEX works for you or not.

Confirmed list of working exploits:
Click to show
  • GOLOR - SNES9xTYL, Nester AOEX, MasterBoy, gPSP
  • Arcade Darts - SNES9xTYL, Nester AOEX, MasterBoy, gPSP
  • Arcade Pool (& Snooker) - SNES9xTYL, MasterBoy, gPSP
  • AA&B - SNES9xTYL, gPSP
  • Fieldrunners (Latest VHBL) - SNES9xTYL, Nester AOEX, MasterBoy, gPSP

I couldn't help but notice many people seem to be having issues running emulators. I have a pretty comfortable setup myself with gPSP, MasterBoy, Nester AoEX, and SNES9xTYL. So if any of those emulators interest you, I'll explain to you a quick and easy way to get those running. Download everything in the required files, and we'll get started! :D

Note: This tutorial assumes that you already know how to install homebrew, if you don't, please refer to here to find your coresponding tutorial.

Even if you already have one of these emulators, please download my copy as it's setup to support the "ROM Directory Structure" that I've included in this tutorial.

REQUIRED FILES (click to show)
7-zip (If you don't already have it)
ROM Directory Structure (100% required)
SNES9xTYL (For SNES games)
SNES9xTYL (no intro) (For SNES games on Fieldrunners exploit)
Nester AoEX (For NES games)
MasterBoy (For GB / GBC / Sega Master System / Game Gear games)
gPSP (For GBA games)


If you don't already have 7-zip, please install that now. I'll be including screenshots of 7-Zip to try to assist in it's usage.

Next, extract all of the .7z files to your PSP save directory for your Vita (Should look like PSAVEDATA\cv3e231472f1a122 or something, this is mine).

Adding ROMs

  • Open up the directory "ROMS/ROMS", you should see folders titled gba, gbc, nes, and snes. If there's a type of rom you want that's not included in this folder (like Game Gear), create a folder for that now.
  • Simply add in all the ROMs you want to the directories, this step can be repeated at any time so don't feel pressured to put in every ROM you think you might use.
  • Go to "ROMS" (so one directory up), right-click the subdirectory titled "ROMS", and click "7-Zip -> Add to archive...".
  • Set the archive format to zip, the compression level to store, and the name to "INSTALL.ZIP" (case sensitive) (Screenshot), and press ok

Yay your ROMs are ready for the Vita!

Final Steps

Now you just need to transfer the saves of ROMS, and all the emulators you want to play to your Vita. Then you can just install and play! gPSP is an exception though, you need to extract it's INSTALL.ZIP, download a GBA BIOS (find it via Google, don't PM me for it), add it to the same folder as it's EBOOT.PBP, rezip it using the settings you used before and you're good to go for all of your emulators! :D

If you enjoyed this tutorial and you don't have Dropbox, consider downloading it for free using my referral link :)!
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#280666 by mike11239
Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:14 am
I Suck :cry: i keep getting "error while loading rom" everytime i try to play a any rom, i reinstalled everything, but there is a little blue error message about my mem stick when i load up snes emu. i really want to play snes. i did all the instruction here, need help
#280754 by SMOKE
Thu Jul 25, 2013 1:45 pm
mike11239 wrote:a quick message in blue says "please verify(something pc adapter) it may be corrupted" as soon as i start the snes emu, and when i load the rom it says "error while loading rom" :cry:

Sounds like your ROM is corrupted. Try getting a fresh rom from wherever you get them from.
But dont post it here ;)
#281266 by Meibs
Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:19 am
I have my directory ROMS under vhbl/snes9xTYL/ROMS...it freezes when i click on roms to try and load. Does the ROMS direcory need to be somewhere else? I dont see why it matters, everything installs fine thru 138 menu.

The snes emu is SMOKE's. And i have re-zipped as STORED, but thats kinda obvious since it installed, lol.

EDIT: May have resolved it...be back in a bit after installation...

OK, so rom list loads, but it's the old listing in had and new one combined. No matter what game I try, either a zip or smc file, it does the checking, and error occurs, and kicks back to vita dash.

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