VHBL (Vita Half Byte Loader) is an open source tool to load PSP homebrews on the Playstation Vita.
VHBL can be downloaded at http://wololo.net/vhbl
#196048 by hgoel0974
Sun Nov 04, 2012 5:50 pm
I don't think this relies on a game, it relies on the PSM application (I have both 0.99 and 0.98 backed up on my system for when the open beta is over)
#196052 by snailface
Sun Nov 04, 2012 6:19 pm
FPSTPS wrote:so whats the latest news wonder what game it is hope its not a psn only game

From this thread:
yifanlu wrote:I've decided to halt Vita development for a while. (Not UVL itself since that's pretty much done but related stuff that needs to be done before release such as writing an SDK). Reasons are listed below in order of importance.

1) Time. I'm far more busy now with lots of things (computer & non-computer related) on my plate and because Vita is a hobby, it goes on the backburner.
2) Support. Although I really appreciate the help I have, sadly, many aspects must be done by me. No one is to blame here because lots of things can only be done by me as it's my exploit and I understand it best and don't expect others to go through months of messy work to catch up. But this ties in to number 1. There's lots of things to do and it gets to the point where it's less fun and more like a job.
3) Legality. This is mostly regarding to the SDK. I've been told that the PSP open sdk came mostly from leaked debug symbols found a while back. While I'm sure other, less legal, resources were also used, there is more plausible deniability if that is required. To create an open sdk, there is a potential need to acquire illegal files for information and all derivative works of illegal content is also illegal in many countries. This also includes other possible legal problems. As I've stated, I don't have any time (nor money) for any potential legal problems. While I'm confident that if they arise, I would win, I don't want to deal with any hassle at all.
4) PSP Emu. As of right now, with the kernel exploit and stuff. It seems that the community has gotten a good "hit" of homebrew that can last a bit. Plus I'm seeing exploits being thrown left and right and drama here and there. The field is too hot right now for any work. Like, for ex, before the whole drama hit, I was looking into potentially getting more people to test and inviting some devs to start coding early with our advanced (read: not to be released) tools, but that is never a chance now.

Please don't take this post as indication that I'll be gone forever. It's more like a vacation break than quitting. Plus I'm not forcing myself to stop working so some days when I have a break, I may do more work. Plus, even though the other devs I've talked to are also as busy if not more, I'm sure work would not halt completely. Just don't expect anything anytime soon.

Oh, and if you would do me a favor and not take this post as news or anything. It's purely information for those who want it (aka, link to this when someone asks about it). I don't want to deal with an angry mob.
#218704 by qraze
Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:47 pm
tom101 wrote:why do we need an open sdk, does the sony one not compile like we want it to?

the sony one is sony's and is not "open". i doubt people want to get sued for using a kit that needs a licence and has footprints that can be traced back to sony's kit. unless you want to fork out the money to pay sony for using illegal resources. or you could just buy it from sony, as well as a dev kit vita.

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