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PSvita 3.60 memory brick?

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PSvita 3.60 memory brick?

Post by skull_nation » Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:09 am

Hi im new here, and i was on cfw 3.60 enso with sd2vita (psv 3g 1000). I was trying to update to new cfw 3.65 but saw a guide that it require me to use the original memory card the uma0 to upgrade, but wen i got the ps vita off ebay it didnt have that option and wen i plug in the mem it doesnt read it. Read some forums thinking the guy deleted it or maybe i need to create it but didnt work. I have try switch sd2vita to partition and probably have it working, unfortunately it didnt work now i cant get my sd2vita apps to show nor the vita mem card to run but i can only run but no molecule to launch as there is no bubble to show.
i have try reinstalling the fw to original to try fixing the issues but it doesnt read the memory card once again, so now i think that the guy that sold me the psv broke the slot, and some how and i need to replace it ?
my questions are:
1)is there a way to get vita shell or anything to get sd2vita to work or temporarily install to the internal memory?
2)is this software or hardware issue?
3)do i need to replace the slot, to move from this dilemma?
ps i have the ur0:tai and ux0:tai folders backed up on pc but no way to transfer them with out molecule bubble :/ , qcma might be a way but don't know how, as that was my option to reinstall fw 3.60 to see if that fix my issue with out luck.
if any1 can help me i would gladly appreciate any type of help and solution, thanks in advance
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