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Basilisk II Vita (Mac Emulator) runs Dongleware games!

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Basilisk II Vita (Mac Emulator) runs Dongleware games!

Post by rsn8887 » Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:39 pm

This emulator is a-m-a-z-i-n-g. Finally I can play the Dongleware games. It runs them better than Dosbox on Nvidia Shield.

I got incredible results with the following settings:
- Use native Vita screen Resolution in Emulator GUI (544 lines). This gives a perfectly sharp image.
- Set the refresh rate to 60 Hz in the emulator gui. This gives a perfectly smooth mouse pointer.
- Increase the mouse speed to maximum in the System Folder -> Control Panel -> Mouse settings in MacOS 7.5.5
- Use large System 7.5.5 hard disk (size 400 MB) to have enough room for games
- Disable most useless extensions in control panel (Printer drivers etc.)
- Use 20 MB memory in Emulator GUI
- Use Performa.rom
- Use 444 MHz Vita clock (for max speed)

I used hfv explorer and Basilisk II for Windows to prepare my system disk, copy stuffit expander onto it, and copy some games to it.

I am in heaven - I can play my favorite Mac Games on the go. The following games are my favorite Mac Games, and they run very smooth, pretty much perfect, with perfect sound:
Oxyd (Dongleware)
Per.Oxyd (Dongleware)
Oxyd Magnum (Dongleware)
Oxyd Extra (Dongleware)
Bolo (Dongleware) (!!!!!)

Luckily, some of these games have option menus where I could increase the mouse speed even more. With that adjustment, the analog control with the left analog stick is perfect and smooth.

Bolo sometimes slows down a bit, but it does so on a real Mac computer, too. For Bolo to work, I had to mount the .iso file. The CD is mixed-mode Data+Audio. I had to convert the data track, track 1 only, to an iso file for it to work. Otherwise it was only showing up as an audio CD.

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