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does anyone really like the way vitashell and molocule shell

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does anyone really like the way vitashell and molocule shell

Post by TechTomas » Fri Dec 09, 2016 12:08 am

hide stuff from you like its so frustrating when im doing something on the vita and ive gotta load an older vitahell in order to do most things like no pspemu or app files and lets not talk about the rest and molecularshell lol ive got all my vpks on ur0 for easy install and easy removal and i dont have to ftp vitashell or maidump or vitamin every time i wanna install and app storage manager i use to just switch the apps over to my ur0 so i don't need them on every card i own but i install current molecularshell and ive gotta pull out computer to install older vitashell just to see other stuff i need but mainly its just driving me nuts cause it just feels like sony all over again (have to use older versions to do what you wanna or have todo) like i understand noob safety and all but if your doing this stuff to your vita theres a risk and as a modder i take that risk because i love all the homebrew but the way things are going i just dont think its getting any easier its just getting harder cause someone somewhere is deciding we need all this safety stuff

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Re: does anyone really like the way vitashell and molocule s

Post by fate6 » Fri Dec 09, 2016 1:07 am

What are you even on about? VitaShell doesn't hide anything anymore and if you are using an older version that does then thats your problem bruh.
BTW the real frustrating thing here is trailing off from the thread title into the post. :/

also you dropped these ,,,,,,,,......
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