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Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:29 pm
Thanks to the wonderful IRC room set in place yesterday and a very careful eye by an unnamed community member the recently released HEN for the EU Urbanix has been ported to US version of the game.

The instructions and functionality are all the same, simply use the following save game data in place of what was released for the EU variant.


for almost ALL info and FAQs

You can download the US Urbanix HEN exploit from the following mirrors.


Edit: An unnamed developer has now injected the exploit into the US save game files by themeselves for your enjoyment. The mirror has now been updated with these files.

All credit to Total Noob & Xerpis for HEN and the original exploit.

A friendly reminder, #UrbanixExploit is very active at this time, as work progresses to port the HEN and kernel exploit to other vHBL releases from the past.

Code: Select allMonster Hunter
Super Collapse 3
Motor Storm

Thanks, also, to everyone in the IRC who helped brainstorm on ideas of how to get to this final product.
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