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Optimizing RAM usage

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Optimizing RAM usage

Post by hcf » Fri May 26, 2017 8:13 am

Hi! After creating the port of "L'Abbaye des Morts" for PSP, I am working on another project. But this time, I am facing a problem due to the amount of RAM. The needed memory of this software is "around" 24 MB (sometimes a bit higher, sometimes a bit lower) so sometimes I see that it hangs due to lack of RAM.

I am using a PSP-FAT (32MB RAM), because I want that my port works in every PSP (I know that I could probably use a PSP-2000 to solve this RAM problem, but this is not the solution that I am looking for, because people with PSP-1000 would be unable to play it). And I am creating native C++ applications (not LUA ones).

As I am learning PSP development, I would need to know the way to maximize the available RAM for my program. If anyone could give me a few hints, it would be very useful...

Some things that I have investigated and tested:

* I have written "PSP_HEAP_SIZE_KB(-1024)". If I understood properly, this should maximize the available RAM for my port... but I don't see any difference after adding this codeline. I have not done anything related to the stack size (is it important to do it too?)

* I have initialized the video in SDL with HW_SURFACE instead of SW_SURFACE, because it should create the video buffer in video memory (instead of in regular RAM), saving a bit of RAM... but again I have not seen any big difference. Does this do anything different?

* I have packed/splitted my EBOOT.PSP; I don't know if this is useful, I don't know if the EBOOT.PSP or even the ELF are loaded in RAM. My ELF is currently 11MB and my EBOOT.PSP is currently 8 MB. Does this mean that I have 8 (or 11) Megabytes already wasted when I launch it?

* I have read that the memory ranging between 0x88000000 and 0x887FFFFF is the "kernel memory", beyond the available 24 MB. Can I safely use this memory for my port? I have not found any site where this is properly explained, and I don't know if I can even brick my console if I write on that address. Of course, being able to use this extra RAM will help.

If anyone could give me some clues to be sure that I am using the full available RAM, it would be very useful.
Thank you very much in advance!

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