Running old school games on your PSP? It's definitely possible
#101012 by kakarotto
Sun Sep 18, 2011 3:17 pm
Work in Progress.
This topic will be in constant upgrade(at least until Daedauls developer will make new Revs)

Daedalus X64 it's the only N64 emulator for PSP. More info about this(and other) Emulators
Here you can find the last Rev(now 747)

Here's the official Compatibility List

But there're some games tested with old Revs...My purpose is to make Video of the Games with new Revs and to keep the project updated.
Note: Sometimes the games Crashes: often it's not the emulator and you can try pressing at the same moment L+R+Select+Start to return to Daedalus Menu ;)

Now, let's go to the video list.

Aerogauge Pal
Rev729,PspGo Nice, 20-25fps(fullspeed).No sound

All Star Tennis 99 Pal

Banjo-Kazooie PAL
Rev717,PspGo: Works well, not perfect, without sound. Fs Auto1 could be used

Big Mountain 2000 Usa
Rev727,PspGo: works nice without sound. No need to use FS

Bust a move 3 dx PAL
Rev727,PspGo: Works well with sound too

Diddy Kong Racing Usa
Rev727,PspGo: Works well . Rev 729 Resolved graphical Glitches: now there are the ballon, bananas and weapon

F Zero X Pal
Rev736,PspGo: Perfect with sound in time trial. Playable in normal mode (30-45 fps)

International SuperStar Soccer 64 PAL
Rev716,PspGo: Some Graphical Glitches

Kirby 64-The Crystal Shards PAL
Rev716 PSP Go.Works nice, som graphic bugs.Sometimes it hangs.

Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of time Usa
R729 PSP Go. Not perfect but playable. Kokiri forest is one of the slowest area(10fps)

MarioKart64 Usa
R729 PSP Go. 17-23 fps(good and playable) without sound. In time trial it's even too fast!

MegaMan64 USA
Rev716 PSP Go

Multi Racing Championship PAL
R729 PSP Go. Perfect without sound

Rampage World Tour PAL
R729 PSP Go. Perfect with sound

Super Mario 64 PAL
R709 Psp1000

R722, psp Go.Grpahical Glitches in the menu, it hangs in story mode. Nice in the Arcade Mode

Yoshi's Story PAL
R736 PSP Go
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#101499 by toBsucht
Tue Sep 20, 2011 1:18 pm
Nice preview collection and thanks for being the 1st who told me about r 729 release.
#110257 by moz
Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:56 am
Revision 733 its the best.
I finally played super Mario 64 at max fps, with close filter forced on, 480x272 and with perfect sounds & music on my psp go.

I'm finally happy, yay @ daedalus!

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