Running old school games on your PSP? It's definitely possible
#413575 by robson.santana
Tue Sep 27, 2016 12:01 am
Mega Drive, Sega CD, 32x and Master System emulator. ... 1.92.2.rar (v1.92.2 - current version)
* Fix graphical issue: black/shadows bands when use accurate renderer in some games like: Fantastic Dizzy, Test Drive 2, Sonic 3d Blast, Subterrania etc (provisional fix)
* Fix fps issue when use sometimes vsync for PAL games (provisional fix)
* Fix sound issue when use frequencies below 44khz for NTSC games (provisional fix)
* Fixed upper limit for CPU clock
* Various compatibility and bug fixes
- Some assembly modules have been disabled because they are outdated. Will be reactivated in the future ... .91.17.rar (v1.91.17 - previous version)
- Fix some bugs in SMS games (e.g.: Star Wars collision dections fails)
- Fix and reuse of the assembly memory manager (the best in speed and compatibility)
- Changes in the lower limits of the screen ratio ... mEtVDVwcWs (v1.91 26.08.2017 - previous version)
- fixed bug in clock time
- better support for suspension and wakeup (still having problems for sega cd games)
- changelog file included in pack
- re-added gamma adjust
- re-added black level adjust ... VFYX0hpdHM (v1.91 22.05.2017 - previous version)
- fix some freezes for SVP dynarec (-2FPS)
- less instructions for SVP dynarec (+5FPS)
- revert to c code for Yamaha sound chip (best peformance)
- bug fix: option for Sega CD CPUs sync not working in 16.12.2016 build
- same emulation speed then version 1.51b for Mega Drive/Genesis games
- fast show rom list
- some asm code for Yamaha sound chip
- added option for Sega CD CPUs sync (speed-up for some games)
- less instructions for SVP dynarec
- bug fix: sega cd audio tracks in correct order
- more asm code to svp dynarec
- status line in main menu working
- bug fix: remove accidental wip svp code
- analog control working
- bug fix: svp dynarec freeze
- bug fix: load state background
- bug fix: accurate renderer
- SVP dynarec (mirror tracks don't work) - the source code can be used in PS2, Neo Geo X, Dingoo, GCW Zero and anothers MIPS based devices
- option to keep sound while slowdown
- bug fix: load state will not change renderer ... E5GcUFab0U (v1.91 21.10.2016 - previous version, sega cd audio cd working)
- more screen size options
- re-added vsync options
- bug fix: save vsync options
- correct aspect ratio for games that use both resolutions (e.g.: Sonic CD, Sonic 3D Blast, UMK3, Monster World IV)
- svp cycles option
- more asm code (renderer and memory)

source code:

Games that are now compatible:

Mega Drive (Genesis):
- Landstalker
- Herzog Zwei
- Cave Story (last version)
- Sonic 4 in 1
- Super Monaco GP (without graphics glitchs)
- Subterrania
- James Pond 3
- Skeleton Krew (6 buttons support)
- Test Drive II (playable)

Sega CD:
- Snatcher
- Road Avenger
- Surgical Strike (32x-CD)

ps.: for Sega CD games, I recommend the version 1.51b, is more faster.

Built in Flores, Pernambuco, Brazil
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#413765 by ShimaFlareX
Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:59 pm
Cool, I don't know why they stopped updating the PSP version. I hope you get sega CD audio working eventually.
Please upload the source code (the license says you have to do it).
#414130 by Quickgold
Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:23 pm
Awesome job man! for one of the best emulators for PSP, keep the nice job and improvement. This is a deserved update for Picodrive

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