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Useful information about NjEMU MVSPSP 2.3.5

Running old school games on your PSP? It's definitely possible
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Useful information about NjEMU MVSPSP 2.3.5

Post by rsn8887 » Thu Jun 23, 2016 6:25 pm

After I heard that Last Hope CD and Ironclad work on mvspsp version 2.3.5, I finally caved in and updated from my old version 2.3.1 to 2.3.5. I found the 2.3.5 version in the emulator index thread on this forum here

I found out a bunch of interesting things when installing this on my PSP Slim:

- The romset for this is Mame 0.152 but you only need neogeo, cps1 and cps2. There is a NeoMame 0.152 complete "Mame Mod" out there...

- The NJ emulators mvspsp, cps1psp, and cps2psp each come with a file that has all the names of the roms. Romlister could be used to sort them, or maybe Romcenter. I used the following command on my mac to sort the roms, after I copied zipname files into my mame rom directory:

Code: Select all

awk <zipname.cps1 'BEGIN {FS=","} {print "cp "$1".zip cpspsp/roms/"$1".zip"}' | bash
awk <zipname.cps2 'BEGIN {FS=","} {print "cp "$1".zip cps2psp/roms/"$1".zip"}' | bash
awk <zipname.mvs 'BEGIN {FS=","} {print "cp "$1".zip mvspsp/roms/"$1".zip"}' | bash
- The file from mame is also needed in mvspsp/roms. Mvspsp support all unibios, which are publicly available from here. They can be copied into together with any other desired regional bios files.

- Romcenter 3.7.1 is a great tool to get rid of all the clones and only keep parent games, see next points.

- With romcenter, just create a new database from datfile in romcenter, give it the Mame 0.152 datfile from here

- Then add a rom dir (cpspsp/roms or one of the other two). Then you can choose in the menu "select clones" and then "shell commands -> move" to move the clones into some other directory (or delete them, I keep them as backup). Then add the next rom dir and do the same.

- Cache files are needed for mvspsp to load some games

- Although the romcnv_mvs.exe that comes with mvspsp creates a lot of cache files, only a few are actually needed

- I found that of all the parent mvs roms, only the following 28 require any cache files on my PSP Slim to load:

- For those above 28 games, since they require cache, the ".c1", ".c2" etc. roms can be deleted from inside their zip files, since the emulator will load those from the cache. This saves a ton of space, I think it saved almost 1 Gig for me to delete those files.

- Be sure to keep backups of the full romsets including all clones in case you need them at some point

- For cps2psp and cps1psp, no cache files are needed at all

- The latest "longhand" command.dat file from here for Mame 0.172 works fine in cps1psp, cps2psp and mvspsp if copied to the main emulator directory

- To get ngcdzpsp to load a game, mount the .iso on pc and copy the files on the cd iso into a zipfile. Alternatively, 7zip can also extract files from an iso.

- Then find or create mp3 files from the audio tracks.

- Now put the game in this folder structure and with this following naming convention, using Last Hope as an example here:

ngcdzpsp/roms/The Last Hope/The Last <<<<<<<<< the .zip contains the zipped contents of the .iso file
ngcdzpsp/roms/The Last Hope/mp3/The Last Hope - Track01.mp3
ngcdzpsp/roms/The Last Hope/mp3/The Last Hope - Track02.mp3 <<<<<<<<<< etc. all the tracks go into the mp3 subfolder

Then when you click on the game folder with circle in the ngcdzpsp romlist, ngcdzpsp will boot the game.

- When you select unibios in mvspsp, the "raster effects" will be automatically enabled although that is not shown in the menu. The raster effects are required for unibios. They supposedly slow the emulator down a bit. I could not see any difference really, and the features of unibios are great.

- Things to try in Unibios: Press a,b,c simultaneously during boot-up. Press b,c,d during bootup to easily access dipswitch. Press select and start simultaneously in the game.

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