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#405157 by ErikPshat
Sun May 08, 2016 9:47 pm
UO gрSP Kai v3.4 test 4 build 225

Game Boy Advance emulator


I think this is the best full GBA emulator, the game perfectly reproduces without brakes and with sound.

Latest source code by takka stopped development in 2009: ... -kai-test/
Since then, I have not seen any significant improvements.
Release from an unknown developer version 3.5 is actually an old version - Ver: 3.3 test 2 Build 132 without any significant changes and improvements in functionality.
So I decided to finalize this nice emulator for the stable release. So, meet, i hope you will enjoy ...


  • Fixed lots of bugs, mostly inconsistencies in the program code and the code to be translated.
  • Added new lines in the emulator menu and accordingly in translation language files.
  • Painted pixel by pixel, and compiled a new font "eureka.fbm".
    Also in the font added all German-Spanish-Portuguese-Greek characters umlauts with full Western European encoding cp1252 with the required width for each letter.
  • Fixed some items are broken before.
  • Fixed alternating list by changing the buttons in the joystick configuration.
  • Now run almost all games from ZIP archives. Previously, large files are not unpacked emulator.
  • Other minor fixes.
  • Signed to run on the official firmware, and of course on the custom firmware.
For emulator is available about 3000 games *.gba or *.bin format. [note: sentence removed by mods]
To save space on the memory card, compress images * .gba in ZIP-format archives.
Images should be expanded in the folder: "UO gрSP kai \ GBA \ ROM".

Download: UO gрSP Kai v3.4 test 4 build 225

Exophase: main developer - Official release "gpSP" latest v0.9.
takka: developer - UnOfficial release "UO gpSP kai" latest v3.4 test 3 build 92.
toBsucht - for testing and helping translating.

If you are interested in translating the emulator to your native language, please lay out your translations in the message subject, and I will add them in a archive.

  • The first line with symbol "#" with "space" - is the programm code. It can not be change!
  • Next lines with symbol "#" with "no space" - it's just a comment. This is the original English text. It is not necessary to translate. Optionally, you can completely remove, but best left as is.
  • But the following lines with the symbol "!" - is the translation itself.
  • Symbol "\n" - go to newline.
  • Symbol "space" - 4 pixels.
  • Symbol "$" - space 1 pixel. This symbol, I specifically made as short a space, to more finely adjust the padding where needed.
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#405158 by toBsucht
Sun May 08, 2016 9:58 pm signed

6.XX UO gpSP kai v3.4 test 4 build hbl / cfw + ...
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#405173 by ErikPshat
Tue May 10, 2016 2:33 am
luck wrote:does this version fix 32mb roms and 128kb saves?

What games do you mean? And whether there is an example saves 128kb and what the game creates such saves?
I have a PSP-1004, can therefore shows MAX BUF ROM: 16MB

I do not know why need fix 32MB, the first time I hear about it. For example, I tested a few games:
Code: Select all1. Bleach Advance                             - 32.0 MB (33 554 432 bytes)
2. Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories         - 32.0 MB (33 554 432 bytes)
3. Mother 3                                   - 32.0 MB (33 554 432 bytes)
4. Riviera - The Promised Land                - 32.0 MB (33 554 432 bytes)
5. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team  - 32.0 MB (33 554 432 bytes)

All these games are well loaded and running on my PSP-1004.
And saves good jobs on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon [POKE DUNGEON B24E 01 0].

Simply, if a large 32MB game in a ZIP-archive then it will be a long time in the TEMP unpacked, you just need to wait a minute, there is a diode will blink rapidly.
If you do not want to wait, and to play immediately loaded, then unzip and run *.gba.
Generally I normally work all of these games, even on the emulator, which 1st post Build 225 ;)
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#405175 by luck
Tue May 10, 2016 7:17 am
yea the rom does load.
about the save, i mean a real save, not a save state.

the game is not able to load/create a save file, it says "the game cannot be saved"
tempGBA can load/save just fine
#405177 by ErikPshat
Tue May 10, 2016 8:22 am
luck wrote:about the save, i mean a real save, not a save state.

Emm..., what is saving?
The emulator has two different conservation.
1. In the main menu, "Save state to slot"
2. In the "Savestate Options" menu, "Save savestate to current slot".
And 3 - there is still "Load save state from file".

I work well all 3 possibilities to save and load. All can load/save just fine, even in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
It's ROM's 32Mb works on the my PSP-1004.
You have not accidentally included some plugins in Game?
You do not accidentally changed in language file, date and time format? Because the program is not provided. So did takka. I did not touch it.
Set in the emulator English language, disable all plugins and check again...
#405184 by ErikPshat
Tue May 10, 2016 1:54 pm
luck wrote:i mean, in game

place a .SAV in your rom directory

Oh, I got it. This save in game :)
Well, it's quite another matter. It is possible that such saves may not be compatible.
Well, I'll see what kind of format.

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