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new update to win 8.1

Posted: Fri Apr 25, 2014 6:37 pm
by jd20dog
any one else using win 8.1 here
after an update this morning i noticed that apps will now show up on the bottom task-bar with all the other desktop programs(the store app is defaulted as pined on the bottom bar now but can easily be undone with right-click and click un-pin)

this makes using the apps side of win 8.1 much more user friendly to the desktop users out there.
for those that don't know what im talking about, all apps and app windows were only assessable though a hidden pop-out on the left top of the screen and has a bad issue with disappearing before you can move the mouse to click on them to reopen them

it was a pain in the **** but this new spot at the bottom is a wonderful improvement
it makes anime and tv-show orientated apps much more user friendly in the desktop interface

now all windows needs to do is make a desktop window to view apps instead of having to go though an unorganized batch of apps on a completely different general user interface,
though it is easy to use this interface, its just not what desktop users are used to, though android users should be able to pick up on how it works fairly quick,
my only major issue with it is the completely different user interface types, they don't go together very well but i do give credit to the fact that it dose its job fairly well so far

what do you guys thinks of the win 8-8.1 dual interfaces? keep in mind that win8/8.1 are aimed at both normal desktop users and the massively growing tablet market dominated by google's android and (ugh, feel dirty just saying it) apple's i products,(god they're hardware sucks horribly for the price range, the only good thing is the fluidity of apple software interfaces)

i like apps having a full screen environment but i also use a 56in tv for a monitor, so video apps take to this setup very well while other types of apps don't really need the full-screen treatment.

i also like the ability to take administrator ownership of apps and the ability to remove they're ads (though micro-dictator-soft might fix that soon and make it impossible to remove the ads in the near future as most companies try to do now... its my computer and i don't want adds wasting my hd space, internet bandwidth or taking up half the screen just because its a free app)and change some of the apps settings(usually video scaling and resolution setting to help elevate the annoying widescreen video still trying to use back bars on top and bottom on a widescreen tv)

seriously widescreen should run without black top and bottom on a widescreen tv with 16/9 aspect, so why does everything still try to run like its on a 5/3 aspect tv....really?!?20years and this is still an issue with widescreen TVs, they want to stretch it wider before taller too..."no sir, you cant watch those things going-on on the edge unless you watch everything being squashed down really small with black bars on top and bottom, have a nice day fragging your already bad eyesight"


[spoiler]also, anyone else get a weird pedo-feeling from the win 8 os' tan twins(os'tans are female anime character representations of different pc os's and they're different versions, most are used as theme packs for the ultimate os editions and include automatic changing wallpapers to help protect against burn in on monitors and custom sound packs for os to use, most are represented by 18-25year old females while win 8 uses 2 little girls im guessing around 10-12){personally i like win 7's os'tan theme packs}
i cant put my finger on it but from a grown man in the US,the twins just seem really wrong and creepy... maybe its just that japan has different social standards or something...but they do have a bad habit of showing way beyond whats considers acceptable here when it comes to minors...[/spoiler]