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Nvidia Shield Tablet custom rom AICP NIGHTLY gamestream issu

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 6:46 pm
by solidsnake
So I have been trying out several different custom roms, and the one that works best for me is AICP. The only problem I am having is with gamestream.
This issue is solely MOUSE related. When I stream a game that requires a mouse and keyboard, the mouse is not synced to the game. There is two mice chasing each other on screen at all times.
One mouse is the black default shield tablet mouse icon and the other one is from whatever pc game I am streaming for example mass effect2. What happens is the mice fight each other
for control of the screen. Instead of scrolling the screen and rotating the camera 360 degrees, the mice will instead run into the walls of the screen and the camera cant rotate anymore. Example
in mass effect 2 is the player character cant move freely or turn all the way around making the game unplayable.
Now, when I try the original nvidia tablet rom, everything is fine, there is only one onscreen mouse which is from the mass effect2 game not the black shield one, and everything is all fullscreen and synced up.
I tried installing the shield hub from the playstore into the custom rom AICP and it work just as well as Moonlight does, except they both have the double mice problem.
Does anyone know a fix for this? Or why the original shield tablet rom does not have this problem? I have tried updating to the latest AICP build as well.
It could be in a SETTINGS menu somewhere too but I cant find it.

Thanks guys, I love AICP, and want to fix this issue because so far its the only issue.
Note: I have installed 4 completely different custom roms, blisspop, slim, cm12, aicp. They all have the same issue, so this must me nvidia software related.

Re: Nvidia Shield Tablet custom rom AICP NIGHTLY gamestream

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:08 pm
by dmaskell92
Can't you just disable the Nvidia mouse in the settings somewhere? I have the portable and I'm sure that option exists.

Re: Nvidia Shield Tablet custom rom AICP NIGHTLY gamestream

Posted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:07 am
by solidsnake
The solution was to download Moonlight for rooted devices. This version has support for double mouse issue and it works perfectly.
Thanks, this thread can be closed now.