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Should I Make This Game?

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John Dupe
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Should I Make This Game?

Post by John Dupe » Thu Nov 19, 2015 3:28 am

I'm thinking of making a game, where you can just run around and do just about anything

World - It would be either procedurally generated or set, like GTA, where it's just a huge city

Character - would be very customizable (like The Sims)

Other Mechanics - you could build cars either a body-doors-engine-frame system or a system with blocks that snap together, and would have very realistic physics

Story - it would be a random story, with 100 different paths, each split up into either 8 or 12 parts, and would be randomly generated so each time you play the campaign, it would be different.

I'm planning on doing this in C# (Visual Studio Community 2015) or Unity 5

Which should it I do it in? any suggestions (to the game or the way I do it) are welcome.
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