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playing music on zoom h6n recorder

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playing music on zoom h6n recorder

Post by openvita » Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:49 pm

hi, i have a zoom h6n audio recorder and i´d like to use it as wav 24/96 player.
the files need to be in a specific order/name and every file needs a custom config file
this is what i did until now

i wrote this to copy/ rename the files, this might look a bit strange because i never did something like this before but it works well.

set /p album=Enter The Value:%=%
@echo %album%
del /f /s /q FOLDER%album%
md FOLDER%album%
@set a=%C%
@set b=1
@set /a c=%a%+%b%
if %c% LSS 10 goto neun
if %c% GEQ 10 goto zehn
md FOLDER%album%\ZOOM000%C%
ren *.wav ZOOM000%C%_LR.WAV
move ZOOM000%C%_LR.WAV FOLDER%album%\ZOOM000%c%\ZOOM000%C%_LR.WAV
if exist *.wav goto read
md FOLDER%album%\ZOOM00%C%
ren *.wav ZOOM00%C%_LR.WAV
move ZOOM00%C%_LR.WAV FOLDER%album%\ZOOM00%c%\ZOOM00%C%_LR.WAV
if exist *.wav goto read

what i don´t understand is the relation between playtime and hex string, this is just one line of the config file

playtime hex

0:05 44000800000000D70E00000000000100
0:10 44000800000000E60700000000000100
0:15 440008000000800F0F00000000000100
0:20 440008000000007C1D00000000000100
4:53 44000800000000BCAE01000000000100
2:54 44000800000000000001000000000100
0:45 44000800000000000002000000000100
8:44 44000800000000000003000000000100
11:39 44000800000000000004000000000100
14:33 44000800000000000005000000000100
46:36 44000800000000000010000000000100

i´d need someone to explain ths string to me, i think people on wololo war smart enugh to get it.

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