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#80659 by eXecution
Fri Jun 24, 2011 6:30 am
Hi Wololo,

A couple days ago I managed to break through a tiny bit of security (not much) of 3DS channels. I have managed to remove the 3D header for ExciteBike. It's not much so don't expect anything big for a long time.

Picture of top and bottom screens (3DS channel 3D header removed) :


Make of it what you will. I showed both screens to show I'm not jacking anyone around, this is a real hack. It doesn't do much, I know, but everything has to start with an inch, so we can take a mile ;)

I may release a small tool allowing you to do this on your own 3DS channels yourself soon but I first want to know if anyone's interested in it before I take the time to work it out. It's basic though, I can only remove the 3D header and nothing else, still I've laid more of a hand and shown it to the public. (not saying 3DS channels haven't been hacked in secrecy, just this is the first public news with both screens shown)

This is not vaporware. I have simply shown what I have done, just like how LGC showed what they can do by dumping 3DS ROMs, yet they did not release a tool, and neither did I currently.

Anyone interested :?:

#80860 by wuebas
Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:23 pm
Interesting, i sold psp to buy n3ds but it only load old nds games roms with flashcards ...

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