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Rayman on PSP1000 PRO CFW 6.61-C2

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:57 am
by Skimbo
I can't get PSX Rayman running on PSP1000. I am using PRO CFW 6.61-C2. I am able to make an Eboot but all i get is the screen Icon and background for the game and then the screen goes black. I have installed Popsloader it seems like correctly but when I hold R1 and try and start the game i get corrupted data file. Then I read where I needed to install NewPsarDump but I can't find the correct directions on how to install or where to install this or even if it needs to be installed on custom firmware. My understanding is that once these two programs are installed you only have to hold down R1 and start the game once with the correct firmware and then from there on out the game remembers this and game just runs without having to hold R1 at game start.

The other this is if there is a VSH individual setting guide that I can print out showing me all of the individual VSH menu settings and what they do? I ask this because there is a file called mac.txt and I think I may have inadvertently changed it. When I connect PSP to computer I cannot find this particular file even though I have file explorer set to show hidden files and file extensions. I was trying o find the file and read it to see what it did.

Rayman is the only game I have had trouble running thus far after making PS1 Eboot for PSP.

Thanks in advance for any help I receive

Re: Rayman on PSP1000 PRO CFW 6.61-C2

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:58 pm
by Butcher
I played 10 days ago Rayman 1 on PSP 200x

used from net maked PSX2PSP version USA ,used 6.60CFW-PRO C2 and Popsloader v4i - used 6.60 pops and worked all no problem - no glich graphic and sound.

Rayman 2 also work

In popsloader u have that if u when enable plugin and load PSX game and hold R Trigger then if u select some POPS version the next time u load game will load auto that version ,if not select any will always load stock FW psx emulator

Re: Rayman on PSP1000 PRO CFW 6.61-C2

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:22 pm
by Skimbo
Thanks Butcher,

I installed the version of popsloader you mentioned and still couldn't make Eboot to work. Still went to black screen. I then went and downloaded it from a couple other download sites and finally the third time was a charm. It runs now perfectly and doesn't require popsloader upon first start of game. I'm not sure what was up with the first two download attempts.

Now, any idea where I can find a guide to all of the VSH settings, like "mac.txt". :)

Re: Rayman on PSP1000 PRO CFW 6.61-C2

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:53 pm
by Butcher
I use always latest popsloader and download iso or psx2psp from ( :)) site always work - not tested on stock psx emu psp - i always load and select 6.60 pops version - maybe no need newest load on old stock (Need test some day)

In Recovery and .txt files u have many options - who wonna use any (i still in many years now not understand much is for )

mac.txt is propole to fake any othcer mac adress and load via recovery ,like is system version in .txt file u ca load in example 6.61 the 6.60 and will show fake in system settings is 6.60