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Running Purchased Content with Categories Lite?

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Running Purchased Content with Categories Lite?

Post by AskaLangly » Mon Sep 15, 2014 9:45 pm

Seems I'm unable to do this.
I am trying to give PSN Games a folder, as I am using Categories Lite.
I want to place Ape Quest with all its DLC intact in a CAT_PSN Games folder.
I have tried just that: the game runs, but won't load my save, saying that the scenario data has not been found.

I'm seeing that the "key" files (DLC) is within the game's folder.
I'm wondering if I leave those three files in the PSP/GAME/(game's ID), while having CAT_PSN Games folder have the other files (with a copy of the GameID folder)...


To answer my own question:
I created two copies of the GameID folder. I placed one copy in PSP/GAME, while the other in PSP/GAME/CAT_PSN Games.
3 files Ape Quest uses: the three "key" files, are in the PSP/GAME copy...
...while the EBOOT/PARAM and document.dat are within the Category folder.

The game works without a hitch.

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