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6.20 TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Discuss here techniques/plugins/etc... related to ISO Loading and PSX Games
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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by mr.nacho5 » Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:07 am

thnx everyone! tn rules
PSP 3000 6.20 PRO-B5.80GB PS3. PM me if u know how I can find my console id on OFW.

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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by Dunnow » Tue Mar 08, 2011 2:22 am

Ok i'm just giving a little update about my problem with Crash Bandicoot 3 (from psn) that it jumped by itself to "do you want to quit the game"?

i've been searching and lots of people say some stupid things like "your case is pressing the home button" ... it can not be, because POPS has a previous menu to the "quit game" one... so this is not it... also i saw some people saying about plugins... nope, much users answered that they never had one ... so.. i kept looking until some more logical answes appeard... seems to be that PSX games from PSN are full of glitches (because they are pretty much modded to fit the buttons of PSP and this stuff...) and some of them don't work fine at all and others don't work fine with SOME memory sticks... it's rlly logical 'coz at the end, the game is running from MS and this stuff happens when we have a scrached UMD so the same with MS if it's not fast enought or i dunno just not compatible it sends the signal that "can't read game" and quit game menu shows up..

so it's not that the games works badly is that provably the memory stick we are using is not much compatible...

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7. 26-sep-2010 11:59 (en respuesta a JoeVagabond)
Re: PSX game problem... help?
Problem solved - I bought a sony brand memory disk instead of the sandisk one i had been using.

i've a Sandisk too and 've this problem with Crash 3 from PSN and with FF9 from PSN so... i think its safe to say its clarely an issue caused by the MS

so, OP, i guess that you can put Crash Bandicoot 3 [PSN] - psp3004 as working, because it was provably my Sandisk 8GB that caused such problems. And it could be interesting to put this info on first post too just to clear things up if someone else has this problem.

As far as i tested, never happened to me with homemade eboots.

i've MGS PSN edition too, i'll post if the same thing occurs with that one, as far FF9 and Crash 3 where from the PSN and both had the same problem (crash3 was just to much, with ff9 it's just once while entering a city or loading huge maps)
PSP 3004 pb | 6.20 OFW | TN-E | aLoader v1.25 | Game Catergories 1.2b

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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by C0dy » Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:40 am

Updated, working:

Need for Speed High Stakes
Had to set disc speed to fast.
Piano Black PSP 3001 4G -6.20 TN-D Permanent Patch 6.35 Pro B3 with 32GB Memory Stick and Extended Life Battery. (current)
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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by Omnija » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:21 am

Psp 3002

Dragonball GT - friend of mine has it working.

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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by Danny » Tue Mar 08, 2011 11:04 am




Bubble Bobble & Rainbow Islands [PAL-E] - Using PSP 3000 4g ( Converted and Patched by PopstationGUI v300 beta )

*** this wont work for NTSC-U/J version

^^ Managed to get the game working using PopstationGUI v300 beta.
The [PAL-E] version is the ONLY version of this game that works, and even at that has to be PATCHED by Popstation.

REMEMBER: This MUST be converted using PopstationGUI v300 beta, as it wont work if you use PSX2PSP
PSP-3000 4g with CFW 6.20PRO-B4

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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by Plongeurspros » Tue Mar 08, 2011 12:48 pm

Hi everybody !

I have a problem with Spyro 3 : sometimes my game crah and there is only a black screen. It doesn't work anymore, if I want to play I must delete my save....

Sorry for my english, I'm french ;)

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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by LUISDooMER » Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:54 pm

Magical Drop Plus 1 - Multi5 [EUR]
Magical Drop III - Multi5 [EUR]
Magical Drop III: Yokubari Tokudaigou! [JAP]
Magical Drop F: Daibouken Mo Rakujyanai! [JAP]
Resident Evil Director´s Cut Spanish [EUR]
Silent Hill - Multi5 [EUR]
Megaman 8 [USA]
Magical Drop F [JAP]
Megaman X4 [USA]
Megaman X5 [USA]
Test Drive 6 [USA]
Quake 2 [USA]
Gran Turismo [USA]
Ergheiz - God Bless The Ring [USA]
Mortal Kombat II [JAP]
Duke Nukem: Land OF The Babes [USA] - (Little graphic glitch when you go underwater, but it isn´t the big deal...)
South Park [USA]

Working [Partially]:
Crash Team Racing - works, but it says that the memory card isn´t inserted. :shock:
3-in-1 MOVE AND FUN (Bust-A-Move ´99,Bust-A-Move 4, Pacman World 20th Anniversary) - glitchy on game selection screen, all games works but No CDDA Music :(
Magical Drop [JAP] - No CDDA Music :(

All games were converted from isos with PSX2PSP.
Tested on PSP-3001 (4g)
Thanks Total_Noob!!!!! :D
My Gaming Devices:
[spoiler]PSP-3001/PSP-Go!: Both Running 6.20 PRO-Cfix3
3DS With a R4 Card
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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by Makara » Tue Mar 08, 2011 3:04 pm

Tested and working

Twisted Metal
Digital Glider Airman
Puyo Puyo Box

All ripped to a .BIN then converted with PSX2PSP. More to come later.
PSP 1003 (black), PSP Go N1003 (white), PSP Go N1000 (black), PS Vita PCH1003 (black), PS Vita PCH1000 (white), PS Vita PCH2000 (all white)
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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by zero » Tue Mar 08, 2011 6:40 pm

Dalton_Corazon wrote:
zero wrote:hey guys I am adding info too, I am using just th-d, nothing else. Here goes (PSP 3001)

Working Perfectly:

-Final Fantasy VIII (all discs)
-Tekken 3
-Metal Gear Solid: Vr Missions
-Megaman Legends
-Megaman X4,X5,X6
-Final Fantasy VII

Not Working

-Parasite Eve II (tried 3 different eboots...same problem)

I have plenty of time this week, and a high speed internet... I will download as many games as possible to tell you guys which works and which not. Cheers

Hey can i ask? How did you manage to work FFVIII disc. I have no luck in converting it or even trying to configure it out. thanks
hello my friend. I simply have 4 different eboots, one for each cd. I didn't have to convert anything. Do you have tn-d? if you have, is just put the eboot files in the PSP/GAME directory, and it'll work. If still don't work, you can always PM me.

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Re: TN-D - The PSX Compatibility List

Post by Sean994 » Tue Mar 08, 2011 7:09 pm

Alright I've retried some games on TN-D on my broken 3000 03g using Simple POPStation v3.00 GUI instead of PSX2PSP and I can confirm these games work.

Legend of The Dragoon - Disc 1 Only (MultiDisc Will Freeze) - PSP3000 03g, Simple POPStation v3.00 GUI, Compression: None
GranTurismo 1 - PSP3000 03g, PSX2PSP Converted, Compression: Lv 9, Disc Speed Fast (If Disc Speed Is Slow will lag a bit)
GranTuirsmo 2 - Simulation Disc Only (MultiDisc Will Freeze) - PSP3000 03g, Simple POPStation V3.00 GUI, Compression: None

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