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#73510 by Geecko
Sun May 29, 2011 9:25 pm

Hi everybody,

meastnt and I are proud of presenting you gSquare, a new PSP platformer game for the PSP Genesis Competition. The game is coded in C and lua for the level definition, using gLib2D and intraFont-G for the graphics, and pspaalib for audio purposes.
In gSquare, you can control a square (Bluz) to save the princess (Rose), and you can change the direction of gravity to help you to solve the levels. Agility and reflection are an entire part of your trip during more than 40 levels, in various environment and new things to discover : jump blocks, ice, lasers, canons, gravity forced blocks, breakable blocks, and more …

Teaser video

You control the blue square, Bluz, with the D-pad and jump with X. The gravity can be changed with L or R (pressing the two at the same time will inverse gravity).
You need to get coins to have more time to finish the level.

Demo version video (old)

Thanks to Arshia001 for his audio library.
Maxime Brugnon (website) and CaptainKill for the design.
c418 for his fabulous and free musics !
All who participated in the test of this game (Léo, Arthur, Baptiste, Maxime!)

This game is released under Creative Commons NC-BY-SA licence, as well for the source code!
This is an update from the demo version released for the XtreamLua Contest, but the project has begun only for the Genesis!
The final version features a new homemade physics engine, bunch of new levels, a scenario, menu, bugfixes, new graphics, etc..
We have to warn you this game can still crash, but hopefully there is an automatic gamesave, just re-run the game!

Download :
- gSquare 1.0a (unsigned)
- gSquare 1.0a nomusic (unsigned, totally crash-free!)
- gSquare src

Please check the official website of the game on Google Sites, where you will be able to download extra content and new versions !
Also check my Git repo and Twitter account !
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#73562 by velosotiago
Sun May 29, 2011 11:39 pm
Tested the EBOOT signed by toBsucht on 6.20 OFW! (You got on front of me, I only saw your post when I was doing it already ^^)
It worked indeed, so go ahead and distribute that one.

Tough, you might wanna learn how to sign it. The simpliest way I found is (PSCrypter).

You just put that on your PSP and throw gSquare's EBOOT on the "sign" folder. Then run PSCrypter on your PSP and a minute later it will return to the XMB. Connect it to your PC again and check on the "sign" folder. There shall be a new file called EBOOT_signed. Copy that to the gSquare folder, rename it to EBOOT and voilá! A neat new signed version of gSquare!

Then again, the game looks awesome! I'm going to start playing it right now! :P
#73580 by velosotiago
Mon May 30, 2011 12:37 am
I got trough I think 4 levels. I'm not quite of a puzzler myself but, just as Portal, your game managed to get me hooked on it. ;)

1- Level Editor. Obvious.
1.1-Be able to upload the user-made maps onto your site so everyone can play!
1.2-Be able to transfer the user-made maps to friends trough Ad-Hoc!
1.3-Be able to choose wether to lock or not our levels! (locked = Not customizable; unlocked = customizable)
2- Multiplayer-only challanges.
2.1-Infrastructure (Internet)
2.2-Ad-Hoc (LAN)
2.3-Skins! What's a multiplayer game without skins?

That's everything I've got for now. I know you probably won't implement everything I just mentioned, but that's what I would like to see on this game. Plus, I thought it was worth a shot. :lol:

EDIT: Found a bug! When you die and then touch the next-level-coin WIHTOUT RESPAWNING (which means you're still dead), it will say "You won!". Also, in this situation, after pressing start the PSP crashes and eventualy turns off.
#73876 by Geecko
Mon May 30, 2011 3:21 pm
Topic update, just fixed some typo on the description.

We are also working on fixing a bug which can make the game lose your progression... update soon!
Don't know if this will be taken in account for this competition...
#74025 by Geecko
Mon May 30, 2011 7:25 pm
Here's a fixed version of the game (1.0a) :

This is only the eboot.pbp file because I'm unable to upload the entire archive from where I am...
The game still crashes but a lot less hopefully.
Please test and tell me!

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