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#72505 by leojava
Fri May 27, 2011 7:59 pm
Hello guys!
Here my entry for the genesis contest

type: board game
language: ita, eng

It's Scrabble for PSP try it and enjoy!
Sorry for the not too much information, tomorrow I'll add more :D !
in the readme there are some useful information.

now (30/05/2011) I'll add only update for the pc app, hoping it's OK.

Directory on mediaFire

PS: in the zip in the download spoiler there is also a useful dictionary editor: start it in the cmd (it's compiled for linux but there are the sources too) as this: dicEd dictionary_to_be_changed
for now it's only possible to add words, but there will be the option to remove words too.

when you start a game, you have a green square and some red square, you move the green square. the first turn you MUST pass the word on the center of the table;
hold L and you'll you see a red rectangle with the ScrabbleUserInterface:

> scrabble 1 A
scrabble 2 A

up and down to change the selected scrabble, left and right to change the the variable
now, release L and hold R to see the blue UserInterface:

A B| D E R W A O
Direction: Up

if you press X you'll change the position of the selected letter.
you'll press the square and so the word-limit is set: in the quote the wl is after AB so you'll try to set on the table the word AB, if found on the dictionary, it will be set.
you'll press the circle the first time, pressing a direction-key will change the direction of the word starting by the green square, then you'll press circle the second time.
you'll press the triangle and ALL your letters will be remixed with the remaining.
if you find a "sc0" or "sc1" you have a scrabble.
release L and press X on the center of the table.

Hope there aren't bugs.

if you launch the prx in the src folder with PSPLink, you'll see on the terminal some debug msgs


sorry for my bad english :oops: .
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#72517 by toBsucht
Fri May 27, 2011 8:51 pm
here is the signed version the eboot is only ~400kb ;) i use easypbprx or use pscrypter to sign eboot with psp. scrabble i´m not a friend of that game :lol: Good luck!
#73167 by wololo
Sun May 29, 2011 12:25 pm
Entry accepted, welcome to the competition. I must admit however that I didn't manage to put a single letter on the board, could you give details about the controls?
#73374 by leojava
Sun May 29, 2011 5:18 pm
yes, sorry but the dictionary is about 200 words :oops: i''m adding as much as possible, but i'm really (from google) "take last minute"
sorry again :oops: .

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