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#70840 by Boujack
Mon May 23, 2011 5:13 am
Micro Zig-Zag Racer vBeta 0.95

Visit: for new information about my New Creations, xD!

Micro Zig-Zag Racer is a 2D race car game where you have only one oportunity to try complete all levels.
Don't worry the game contains a Savedata, with wich can save the game in anytime.

The Game have 3 level in this version, in a future version will have a little more.

How to Install
Take a Micro Zig-Zag Racer vBeta 0.95 folder, then copy it to ms0:\PSP\GAME\ and Enjoy!

Menu/Menu Pause
D-Pad - Navegate
Cross - Accept

D-Pad - Drive Car
Cross - Accelerate
Square - Brake
Start - Menu Pause

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#70915 by toBsucht
Mon May 23, 2011 10:17 am
Hi Boujack and welcome, i tested your game and it is working with ofw thx. You missed to add the sponsor splash ( ) please change it befor your entry topic get closed. ^^please upload the unsigned ver. to, for higher compatibelty and future things. I use EasyPBPRX_1.0.0.3 english to sign eboots this tool also shrink the eboot.
^^i think you choose the wrong day to release your game u know the downgrader .. Good luck!

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