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#68620 by Jukki
Sun May 15, 2011 12:05 pm
OK Here it is. >Long waited and long worked on. Let me present you: NAZI ZOMBIES PORTABLE BETA 1.

Nz portable is about surviving unlimited rounds of zombies in an enclosed area. While playing, you get points from different actions. These points can be used to buy weapons, open doors for more playable areas, and utilize different things. Zombies enter the level from outside of the playable area, and you can slow them a little bit by boarding their entrances with planks of wood. Nazi zombie portable is inspired by the same game that is found in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: World at War (these games are not made by us, they are made by the company treyarch). Every single content ingame is 100% made by us or by people who have submited their work for us to use.

Nzp is using a heavily modified quake engine called proquake. This engine is made by baker. and we have editted it to suit our needs. The game logic (qc ) is written 100% by us from scrach. (quake fanboys may know what I mean).

Nzp is made by a team of developers. The team leader is Mitch, and i am the coder. We have various awesome devs in our team(cough blubswillrule cough). Full list of developers is in the credits ingame (+ mapper justice who i forgot to add in the list).

this version can be said that it is a update, but that would be underselling it. This release's game logic code has been redone from scratch, and this version is 10,000x more stable than the alpha release. The beta has 10x more features than alpha including working zombie pathfinding (which means that zombies find you now, no matter where you are). The team has worked hard on this since the announcement of genesis, And is proud to release the NZ:P beta.

UPDATED. Here is small change log,
-new features, dogs, pack a punch, flopper, stamin up, bowie knife
-bug fixes
-most of the errors are either fixed or hidden from public
-allot new weapon sounds
-fixed zombies stucking
-maps updated
-less crashes
-and allot more

Please note that there is one major bug we know, you get lag spikes allot. There is currently noway to fix it. Its because of one while statement in path finding.

This game works in every psp, on ofw too if eboot_signed is used. 2000 users can use eboot 2000

This game works in phat too. But some reports say it runs out of ram when in example changing maps

download 1.1 beta:
pc: ... pc-beta-11
psp: ... sp-beta-11
NOTE WHILE I WERE POSTING THIS THE DOWNLOADS WERE NOT UP YET. Moddb is authorizing them and it may take a while.

pc: ... pc-version
psp: ... s/nzp-beta

(They have been freshly uploaded so they are not working while i am writing this. I hope its not THAT bad that we uploaded the game to moddb first)

Here is some screenshots from the game:

i hope we get in to genesis competion. Any questions join our froum
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#68628 by Rinnegatamante
Sun May 15, 2011 12:35 pm
It was released too many times ago on moddb... (And Nazi Zombies title is a Treyarch trademark...). But, this hb is very good. I use it since it was released.
#68631 by RUSTII
Sun May 15, 2011 12:42 pm
Thanks,Im so glad i waited for this to be released..Cant wait to play it..
Thanks,And good luck in the Gen Comp.
#68640 by Dman49
Sun May 15, 2011 1:24 pm
Too sick guys, it is great! I have some bugs though:

- when you stand at an open baracade/opening and a zombie comes in, you get stuck there until another zombie kills you
- sometimes a wood plank is still left on the opening, but is regestered as not being there
- at the end of the game (when you die) it says " you survived 0 rounds, 0 kills" no matter what
- also at the end, you cant click any buttons to return you to main menu, or try again

Thats what I have found, I hope this helps.

Also, on my 3000 model, when I click on "adhoc" for multiplayer, it becomes un-responsive. This is running the "signed" version, changing "EBOOT_signed.pbp"
#68644 by Dman49
Sun May 15, 2011 1:43 pm
Also I'm very dissapointed multiplayer doesn't work :(
#68649 by Dman49
Sun May 15, 2011 1:56 pm
Is there any chance of a working multiplayer update soon?
#68667 by FearEffect
Sun May 15, 2011 2:31 pm
I like this homebrew game. And I have a suggestion about improving the aim. I think it'll be better if you can move the camera with your D-Pad while looking through your sights to adjust your precision even more.
#68670 by RUSTII
Sun May 15, 2011 2:35 pm
Hi,Just done a quick test run...
The greatest game yet!!!I dont say that lighty,
I have only played one level But the few bugs above are the same for
In Menu
- Enter solo option,press up,It takes you forward to Gametype menu.
- I dont think Genesis loading screen is very nice to look at,(Not the first one that you need)but loading into map's.
In Game
- Getting alot of warnings about sounds that are not there
- Demon - Dland2.wav not precached? in warehouse..
- warning for thompson3,Heart Aswell..
Biggest bug
- No score at the end of round,No Rounds won???

This is just like AVA(Hence greatest game yet),An online game i play,
only if you guy's could recreate some levels like them (Where the zombies come from one place+2 ways to get to other end of stage=Slaughter fest)!!!
:lol: i know im dreaming,BUT...Dreams sometimes come true..(I dont even mind the loading times)

Ill be staying tuned for them updates..Dont be surprised to see me at your forum posting soon..
gonna join tomorrow(its Midnight here at night at the moment)..
Very tired when im typing this,sorry if you dont understand most of it...

Thanks for a great game
And again good luck in the Comp.

too bad about multi player,Wouldnt mind playing with my mates on this one..

thanks again..


FearEffect wrote:I like this homebrew game. And I have a suggestion about improving the aim. I think it'll be better if you can move the camera with your D-Pad while looking through your sights to adjust your precision even more.

you can change the settings to what you like,
Press start to open menu..Customize button's...And its a really simple process which is explained in there.

Have fun,Im loving this game..

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