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#67992 by Rinnegatamante
Fri May 13, 2011 5:07 pm
Homebrew: PSPBriscola
Author: Rinnegatamante
Type: Card Game
Languages: English,Espanol,Italian

First of all, sorry for my bad english but i'm italian.

So, what is PSPBriscola? PSPBriscola is the porting of the Briscola italian card game. In my homebrew-game, there is a simple tutorial who explain how to play to Briscola. The homebrew is compatible with three languages: Italian,English and Espanol. Matches are completely customizable (You can change background,deck used,background's music). There are two different playing mode: Local Game (Multiplayer with a single PSP) and Single Player (With three different difficulties). There is, also, a simple upgrade system to upgrade homebrew without a PC (using socketing with your PSP). This homebrew is made totaly in LUA (LPHM7 for the game and LPHM8 for the upgrader (which use my own vlflib)).

Changelog v.1.4:

Code: Select allEnglish:
- Added "Espanol" into available languages (Thanks to Rapper_skull1997)
- Added animations to the rectangle that represents selected card during a match
- Added "Beach Table" into available tables (Thanks to esico)
- Added "Tuscan Set" into available decks (Thanks to esico)
- Added "Simplicity Theme" into available musics
- Added "Funny Theme" into available musics
- Added possibility to load a custom music (with a filebrowser) (Formats: MP3)
- Added possibility to load a custom background (with a filebrowser) (Formats: PNG,JPG)
- Added different difficulty for the matches
- Added "Easy" into available difficulties
- Added "Normal" into available difficulties
- Added "Hard" into available difficulties
- Added possibility to update homebew with your PSP (Via WiFi)
- Added possibility to auto update homebrew when homebrew starts
- Added screen "Match Details" for Local Multiplayer and Single Player matches visible into Pause Menu
- Adapted Tutorial to be compatible with Fix Poker (If it is enabled)

- Aggiunta animazione al rettangolo intorno alla carta selezionata durante una partita
- Aggiunto il "Tavolo Spiaggia" alla Selezione Tavoli (Grazie a esico)
- Aggiunto il "Set Toscane" alla Selezione Mazzi (Grazie a esico)
- Aggiunto il "Tema Semplicità" alla Selezione Musica
- Aggiunto il "Tema Divertimento" alla Selezione Musica
- Aggiunta la possibilità di caricare una musica di sottofondo personalizzata (filebrowser integrato) (Formati: .MP3)
- Aggiunta la possibilità di caricare un tavolo personalizzato (filebrowser integrato) (Formati: .PNG,.JPG)
- Aggiunta la Selezione Difficoltà alle partite contro la CPU
- Aggiunta la Difficoltà "Facile" per le partite 1 VS 1
- Aggiunta la Difficoltà "Normale" per le partite 1 VS 1
- Aggiunta la Difficoltà "Difficile" per le partite 1 VS 1
- Aggiunta la possibilità di scaricare aggiornamenti dell'homebrew direttamente da PSP (Cerca Aggiornamenti)
- Aggiunta l'opzione "Aggiornamenti Automatici" nel Menu Opzioni
- Aggiunta la schermata "Dettagli Partita" raggiungibile dal Menu alla fine di una partita (Locale e VS CPU)
- Fixxato il Tutorial. Ora se il Fix Poker è attivo, la successione del valore delle carte verrà mostrata correttamente
- Aggiunto lo Spagnolo alle lingue disponibili (Grazie a Rapper_skull1997)


#68069 by toBsucht
Fri May 13, 2011 11:21 pm
Here we go!
Good luck :!:
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#68367 by GALA
Sat May 14, 2011 6:24 pm
Nice homebrew, thanks :) I really like the GUI

It runs fine on 6.20 TN-E but seems pretty slow ; I often had to press a button several times for the command to work... And I get a freeze at the beginning of the tutorial :?
#68523 by Dman49
Sun May 15, 2011 4:20 am
This is awesome! I am italian (but in Canada :P) and this is a great idea. I play scopa with my nonni all the time, and it's great to see the italian cards on the psp :D

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