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#67323 by Drakon
Wed May 11, 2011 11:05 am
I would like to submit my game for competition.
LameCraft - game inspired by Minecraft, where you can destroy or build block world.
Each time world is randomly generated.

EDIT for mods:
Version rev.115 (28/29.05.2011) is last version before deadline.

Here is download:
Signed version:
Game source code is here:
Game forum with some nice maps made by users:

(To all who want put game on their site - please also put a link to my website ;) )

Default steering in game:
Analog stick - walking
Cross,Square,Circle,Triangle - rotating
Select - jump
Up,Down - switching set of blocks
Left,right - switching blocks
Right trigger - place block
Left trigger - remove block
Start - menu

More info will be later on my website :
Anyone can post issues/bug here :

Thanks to Wololo and other creators of this competition for inspiring me to do this small game :)

Code: Select allop-30 (23-06-2011)
- day/night cycles
- sun and moon on the dynamic sky
- light source blocks
- torch block,lamp block
- option in game menu to freeze day time
- additional memory for psp slim owners
- option in About menu to check online for new version
- cleaner code (less warning while compiling)
- small changes in transparent object rendering(still lot to change)
- fake shadows in the corners
rev.115 (28/29.05.2011)
- Static icon in PSP menu
- Fixed freeze bug when putting psp in sleep mode(partially - before putting psp sleep in game try turn on game menu, sometimes still freeze without this)
- New screenshots will not override screenshots from other maps
- Added question do you really want remove save file.
- Open Source from now
rev.113 (28.05.2011)
- Icon and background in PSP menu
- Parametric terrain generation
- Player walking sounds - more sounds will probably come
- Option in game menu to on/off player sounds
- Option in game menu to rename world
- When you will hold jump button player will repeat jumping
- When you are using parametric terrain generation and you will choose flat terrain, water will automatic turn off for now.
rev.110 (23.05.2011)
- Better collision detection.
- Less graphics errors related to clipping.
- Small cubes are not clipped anymore near wall.
- Medium cube on the right - not animated yet.
- New option in game menu: "DevMode" - this will show fps,cpu/gpu usage,free memory...
- New option in game menu: "Take screenshot" - will make screen from the game and save it to the Lamecraft folder.
- In menu circle will work as "Back"
- In game menu you can turn off menu by pressing second time menu button.
- Simple sound in menu - testing audio lib.
- fixed crash bug when editing map near world end...
- saves compression - instead of 4 Mb now about 90 Kb.Faster map loading and saving. If you want to share your map you must copy 2 files ex. world1.lms and world1.lmsc
- save contains now position of the player
- desert will also now appear - there was bug in randomly generator.
- trees will not appear in ice or in each other
- fixed bug when choosing "Play" then back and "Load" - there was freeze
- better cube placing - they are now in right position all the time
- fixed bug with cube highlight/destroy near map end
- fixed bug when player could place new cube at player position
- fixed bug with camera flip when player was looking to hight or to low
- more blocks - 45 now
- in-game option menu when you can activate fly mode - for people that want build something
- in-game option menu when you can save game without exit
- option menu in main menu where you can adjust analog stick sensitivity
- option menu in main menu when player can set their own keys to actions
- crosshair on the screen
- 3 types of terrain - like now(default),winter type,desert type - all set randomly
- fixed that nasty bug from previous version that corrupted all graphics....
- more blocks - 36 now  and new contorls(Up,Down - switching set of blocks)
- player will not fall down outside the map
- water can be destroyed
- block for ladder is active
- to go up from deep water just hold Jump button
- some small bugs fixed


Here are screens from some maps that users have made ;)



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#67351 by General Jewel
Wed May 11, 2011 12:25 pm
Very cool man!! Was waiting for this for a long time to get my hands onto it since I seen it :P Ill comment after I played around with it! Thanks :D
#67360 by Salmon
Wed May 11, 2011 12:59 pm
Wow, just gave it a quick test and its pretty awesome, although I disagree with the name; lamecraft is most definitely not lame. Can't wait for future revisions.
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#67364 by __Ganster__
Wed May 11, 2011 1:07 pm
Oh, thanks for the game.
I download and play.
Super game. :shock: :shock: :shock: :D
Bigger thanks. ;) ;)

I wait future versions.
8-) Thanks 8-)
#67365 by toBsucht
Wed May 11, 2011 1:10 pm
Hi Dragon i saw another post in @ kingssite+not sure but poeple does replay more there ;) . I suggest you to use:
EasyPBPRX_1.0.0.2_RU or EasyPBPRX_1.0.0.3 english to sign the orginal eboot (shrinking)
Good luck!
#67370 by Sand3r
Wed May 11, 2011 1:27 pm
Nice, but can I make a suggestion?

Wouldn't it be more handy if the analog stick was used for looking around and triangle/square/cross/circle for walking?
Or just an option in the menu to map your own controls?

Anyway, keep up the good work :)
#67377 by poop station
Wed May 11, 2011 1:55 pm
the only thing that is annoying right now is that the graphics do a lot of flickering. but it is a beta so lets just hope this will be fixed

are you also gonna make dynamite? i always love to makes things and then blow it up :twisted:

great start, cant wait to see more :D
#67394 by djmati11
Wed May 11, 2011 2:54 pm
Niceeee, but buggy.

Thanks for this game.

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