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#64809 by Yosh
Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:28 pm

Name : Lightning
Current version : 1.03
Signed : Yes
Author : Yosh (alias Hitman_07)
Open source : Sure licensed under the Bsd, you can check my repo at

Video trailer

Image Image
Image Image

Description :
    Hi, let me introduce you my entry to the genesis compo, a survival game called Lightning.
    In this game your goal is simple, you're a tiny thunder fellow trying to pass through some king of dangerous thunderstorm !!
    So you just have to avoid incoming lightning bolts as fast as possible. Getting touched will now turn you to neo-blue

Download v1.03 (Signed) :

Download v1.03 (Unsigned) :

Hope you like it ^^ I'm late as I already figured this got no chance against other bigger projects, but some people told me I should do it so here I come ^^
Anyway this will make more people discover it so I'm glad ^^ (by the way, the font used for resources is Ubuntu's)

Game Controls :

    X / Start buttons to continue if not specified
    D-PAD / Directional buttons to move
    Start / Circle to return to the main screen

    In the menu :
      X to Confirm
      O to go back
      In settings:
      Left/Right : changes menu color

Changelog :

      - Demo, first release
      - Fixed standby bug on quit menu
      - Menu added
      - In-game quit-menu modified
      - Background colors updated
      - Fixed two minor bugs
      - Changed music themes
      - Fixed a sound bug which was sometimes happening
      - Sound effects added
      - Fixed dead end position cheat (which allowed winning by staying put)
      - Fixed difficulty (some levels were kind of impossible)
      - Fixed the fade-in effect on incoming lightning bolts, which didn't work properly
      - Bolts prevented from touching each other
      - Congrats sound fx now triggered after the fade-in effect
      - Congrats-message updated
      - Score and Health now displayed while playing
      - Level progress bar implemented, also displaying percentage
      - Save/Load features added
      - Fixed bugs with the congrats event
      - Difficulty bugs fixed
      - Default skin updated
      - IG user-info updated
      - D-pad playability improved, with movement now proportional to push intensity and in the exact direction
      - Credits / Help sections added
      - Quit screen updated
      - Main menu theme cleaned
      - Congrats sfx now played a little earlier
      - 4th level's background color made darker
      - Damage color set to blue
      - Last level's dark gradient background optimized
      - Fixed a tiny (nearly invisible!) display bug on the progress bar
      - Savefile now binary & default background color correctly set (was black before, it's visible whenever the savefile can't be read)
      - The saving code now looks really better !
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#64812 by Flameaim
Sat Apr 30, 2011 11:33 pm
nc man keep it up
#64883 by ..Warrior..
Sun May 01, 2011 7:54 am
it wasnt hard. all i had to do is stay in the middle and never got hit. u probably wanna fix that.
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#64948 by Yosh
Sun May 01, 2011 1:47 pm
Yeah I know about it, gonna fix that soon sorry ^^
There's another problem too, at the last level, 4 stage 2. There, sparks could come out from everywhere at the same time, preventing you from winning, I'll soon fix this too.

Edit : Fixed in version 0.64 ;)
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#66890 by wololo
Mon May 09, 2011 10:44 am
entry accepted, welcome to the competition. sorry for such a late reply :)
#66969 by Yosh
Mon May 09, 2011 4:51 pm
cool thanks Wololo :D
I'll update further more once my exams are over, ie on the last available week ^^

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