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#63683 by @wn
Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:26 am
*I'm not native English speaker. Please forgive my poor English.

Homebrew-Name : pergame_edit
Author : wn
Download : ... (1.33 release)
Source code : ... (1.33 src)

Old version
: (1.30 release)
: (1.30 src)
: (1.20 release)
: (1.20 src)
: (1.16 release)
: (1.16 src)

It can edit pergame.txt easily.
It is for people who are using pergame.

dawnload link of pergame:

*pergame runs on 5.00 or 5.50.
I recommend use pergame_custom if your PSP is 6.xx. (Author of pergame_custom is hiroi01)

[Viable environment]
Tested on: PSP-1000 with 5.00M33-6/6.20TN-C.

*1.33 (2011.06.09)
[fix] Fixed could not saving.

*1.32 (2011.06.09)
[fix] Fixed could not read packed prx.
[remove] Remove show a free space of a storage.
[] Other minor fixes.

*1.30 (2011.05.09)
[new] Supported CSO.
[new] The line of blaklist displayed in yellow.

*1.20 (2011.05.07)
[new] Added in [delete mode] and the function to blacklisting the line or reverse it. (push TRIANGLE)
[new] Added [ALL ISO] and [ALL UMD] to iso_list. When it is chosen, the plugin becomes enable on all ISO and UMD.
[fix] Fixed display bugs in config.

*1.16 (2011.04.28)
[fix] Displayed competition splash screens on startup.

*1.15 (2011.04.27)
[fix] Fixed the freezed trouble when it is less than FW6.20 and there is UMD.
[change] The line of the comment darkly displayed it.

*1.10 (2011.03.24)
[fix] Fixed the trouble that cannot be operated when there is no ISO file.
[update] The place where the ISO file is read is changed to/ISO and/ISO/*.
[update] Even if the path was long, it was displayed.

*1.00 (2011.03.14)
[new] Added menu. The menu opens by the start button.
[new] DEFAULT_MODE was added to the setting item. (The mode when starting can be set.)
[new] Setting edit function was added. (MENU->config)
[change] The width of the change of CURSOR_SPEED of config.txt was adjusted to 100 - 300.

Please bug report etc...
Twitter: @wnbyaku

[Screen Shot]

Thanks :D
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#63712 by maric110884
Wed Apr 27, 2011 11:23 am
is this like sepulka? y cant read my other plugin like mp3play_lite.prx :(

can u give me example how to disable plugin on games
#63921 by @wn
Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:59 am
maric110884 wrote:is this like sepulka? y cant read my other plugin like mp3play_lite.prx :(

is your psp is 6.20 or more?
pergame runs on 5.00 or 5.50.

maric110884 wrote:can u give me example how to disable plugin on games

is it a Blacklisting function?
if it is so, write '!' to the head of the line.
Code: Select all!ms0:/seplugins/xxx.prx ms0:/PSP/GAME/aaa/EBOOT.PBP

about this, please read pergame's README.txt.

Steven wrote:uhm what does this do?

sorry for my bad English...
It can edit pergame.txt easily, and it is for people who are using pergame.
please try it now :D
i rewrote Introduction...

toBsucht wrote:another not helpful reply: It does work with signed hbl113 /i think 6.37 can use it but u know .. the rest doesn´t work with upper fw.
Maybe if Total n00b release his 6.3x-hen ;) ?Sponsor splash?
Good luck!

thank you for report!
if Total n00b release his hen, i'm happy :D
Sponsor splash used to PIC1.png. do i have this way?

Tank you everyone :D
#66674 by wololo
Sun May 08, 2011 9:12 am
Thanks for this very specialized homebrew and welcome to the competition, entry accepted :)

I must admit I never used pergame myself, but people who are interested can download it here:
That plugin allows to load plugins on a game per game basis, hence the usefulness of wn's dedicated editor :)
#66881 by @wn
Mon May 09, 2011 9:48 am
Thank you Wlolo. I'm enjoying this competition :D
pergame is nice plugin. Please use it by all means.

Dear, everyone.
I release new version(1.30) :!:
This version supported CSO.

Good luck :)

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