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#63507 by arnold
Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:59 pm

How to make a SHELL LINK Thanks robbie1049!

How to make a SHELL DISTRO


How to load plugins in SHELL

Translations (0.72 ONLY - not yet tested on 0.73):
Espanol Thanks alejandro50082!


SHELL By Arnold
Graphics Design by A_Nub

For the PSP Genesis Competition and the Sony PlayStation Portable.

Greetings to all PSP owners and Sony. :-)

Here, at Arnold's headquarters, we believe in something creative.
Not necessarily revolutionary, but something never tried. ;-)
That is what SHELL aims to do. How?
You. Yes, YOU, the user, and YOU, the developers, all contribute to make
SHELL the BEST. SHELL is about growth and development. So support it and
watch it flourish creating the dream system for every proud
PlayStation Portable owner!

Let's co-operate, join forces and revolutionise the PSP!

Works on PSP 1000, PSP 2000 (+ extended RAM) , PSP 3000 (+ extended RAM), PSP GO (+ extended RAM + Multi-Device Support)


Two and a half years in the making.
Thousands of lines of code.
One step further than Custom Firmware.

We believe this is what "make.believe" stands for when Sony say that.

Official IRC Channel: #daedalusx32
(Yes, daedalusx32 is correct.)



- SHELL is a platform for development for developers - Build plugins, load apps all from within SHELL
- SHELL is a wonderful world for users to customise! Be it via APPS, PLUGINS, LINKS, THEMES!
- Calling all themers! Customise to your heart's content!

- Multi-language system. Translate to ANY language you want (just make sure it's UTF8).
- Multi-audio format support! MORE than the XMB! Plays various audio files: MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A, AA3, AT3, FLAC, AIF, AIFF, AU, WMA, WAV
- No need to Game Categories! Just put your apps in folders like on a computer and it can be as deep as you want it!
- No need to change X / O for confirm in Recovery. Just change it in SHELL and it's instant!

- SHELL LINKS - SHLK Links - Shortcuts to ANY app on your PSP. Simply fill in some details for a SHLK and see it appear in the SHELL Menu!
- SHELL PLUGINS (yep. PRXs - Developers!!! If you can't join Genesis and still want to join, make a plugin for SHELL!!)


- If a feature is missing, just load the XMB! (eventually, this won't be needed as SHELL will have everything plus MORE!)

- Note: To exit the Launched XMB, hold "L + SELECT + START".

0.73.2 Updates:
- Fixed minor bug in Audio Module
- Added autostart.prx seplugin

0.73 Updates:

- Enabled ISO and CSO loading on compatible firmwares.
- Added Audio Player! You can now listen to music throughout SHELL and control it. Currently, only basic controls are supported.
- Increased accessible devices including the ISO directory and browsing the PSP memory stick/system storage in general. You can store your games, homebrew, apps anywhere in your system and they all can be launched!
- PSP IRC built in
- Instant Messenger Client Built in!
- SensMe built in!
- Improved SHELL LINK handling. Less crashing and errors in detecting true SHLK links.
- Homebrew display now has audio too!
- Fixed bug that audio would be stopped when browsing Game Menu.
- Fixed a few bugs in the media browser and game browser.
- Changes in wallpaper setting. Turning it on and off is now immediate and does not require a reload of SHELL
- Fixed a bug in the audio playback where two audio streams get loaded simultaneously.
- Fixed bug in game audio when loaded.
- Fixed a bug where configuration was not saved during quitting of SHELL.
- Fixed a bug where quitting a game or homebrew would not return to SHELL.
- Enabled more memory on supported models.


Some screenshots:


SHELL LINKS - SensMe - From


Translated Settings Menu - From


Game Preview


Game Menu


SHELL LINKS - Network - From


User Favourites


Media Menu


Quit Dialog


Custom Wallpaper - Courtesy of kotetujun


Game Launcher Selecting the SHELL Loader - Courtesy of kotetujun


Japanese Translated Quit Dialog - Courtesy of kotetujun


New Japanese Translated Quit Dialog (0.73) - From


Game Launcher - Courtesy of

Video of SHELL with a Custom Theme by General Jewel!



Special Thanks to:
mowglisanu - audio library
Geecko - awesome gLib2D gfxLibrary

Hellcat, SilverSpring, Dark_AleX, Mathieulh, Davee, Bubbletune, cory1492, npt, Lampworker, InsertWittyName, A_Nub, hardhat, Light_AleX, Sleepy, Tomaz, TUW, Salvy, wally, WorldGenesis, ExcruciationX, zodttd, darth_grantius, m0skit0, wololo, ab5000, n00b81, KezraPlanes, PSPdemon, SC_Lakitu, Yoshihiro, Cloudhunter, Skyy, jas0nuk, exophase, roe-ur-boat, hibbyware, slicer4ever, re4thewin, Hackles, Kreationz, SG57, flatmush, Snubzilla, hardhat, Total_noob, some1, Coldbird, Liquizigong, neur0n, cooleyes


Of course, how can we forget npt, the judges and the sponsors? :-D *Erupts into applause*

One more thing to remember... get ready for the next release ;)

Oh I forgot!

The Download ;-)

- LATEST! 0.73.2
Single file update: Install the file funchandler.prx to ms0:/SHELL/funchandler.prx


Full package (THIS PACKAGE IS PREFERRED) - If you want the autostart plugin, you must download the full package:

- 0.73
REMEMBER: PSP Go Users, please install to ms0 if you have a memory stick (M2).

- 0.72
For PC/Mac/iOS/Android download:

For PSP, Other Mobile download (Thanks to Fade! People with PSPFiler can download this and immediately install from the PSP!):


Some Other Sites With Information in other languages, screenshots and discussion:
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#63515 by Disturbed0ne
Tue Apr 26, 2011 3:17 pm
This might be a silly question but is this only for hackable PSP's?

I've been wanting a shell for my 3k and none of the one's I've seen so far are compatible with it. :(

Edit : Just read the readme file. :shock: If I could vote this would be what I voted for. 8-)
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#63531 by codestation
Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:12 pm
Nice homebrew, the fonts looks clear and the movement between menus is smooth :D . As a suggestion you could add a list of known issues so one can post real bugs instead of pointing about a unimplemented functionality that is already known by you (e.g. the audio player doesn't stop the previous song when a new one is selected to both can be heard).

Some suggestions: add utf8 character support for filenames, all my japanese music filenames is shown with weird symbols (the miniconv plugins of PMPlayer cold help with that, the source code is available too).

arnold wrote:- Multi-audio format support! MORE than the XMB! Plays various audio files: MP2, MP3, MP4, M4A, AA3, AT3, FLAC, AIF, AIFF, AU, WMA, WAV

No love for OGG? :cry:
#63546 by Disturbed0ne
Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:35 pm
billys981 wrote:Also add AVI support.(How to install it?I'm a bit confused :? )

It's actually pretty simple. Put the "Shell" folder right on the ROOT of your MS, then put the "NewShell" folder into your Game folder.

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