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#62776 by SnyFbSx
Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:33 am
Plugin-Name : PSP Power Controller
Author : SnyFbSx
Download :

"PSP Power Controller" by setting the hot key, your easy controll of power.

<Release Notes>
  • Ver5.3.0 :
    CPU clock setting "199/99" support.("CFW6.XX ME-1.5" added)
  • Ver5.2.1 :
    Fixed a bug with the log output.
  • Ver5.2.0 :
    Added setting of the switch to show / hide part of the time in seconds (for demand)
    *I increased the item, we recommend that you reset the ini file.
  • Ver5.1.5 :
    It corresponded to new CPU clock "166/83".
    The response to reduce the memory consumption. (The stack was made below a past half. )
  • Ver5.1.4 :
    Changes in the way and how to get the clock setting.(Only ME and LME)
  • Ver5.1.2 :
    Added a new version of auto shutdown.(Versions to specify a time)
    Added a shutdown's icon.
    Sleep type "IDLE SLEEP (AUTO)" was changed to hide at VSH.
    [Bug fix] Fixed a bug that sets the CPU clock.
    [Bug fix] Fixed the display when the timer icon.
    [Bug fix] Fixed a bug that is automatically output even if the log has been set.
    Adjusted between the battery and the battery icon percent.
    To prepare a priority draw the icon.
  • Ver5.0.3 :
    cmlibmenu.prx support. (bera -> ver.1.0)
    *please change this module in lib folder.
  • Ver5.0.2 :
    [Bug fix] Fixed part of the owner information. (language information)
    [Bug fix] Fixed icon display.
    cmlibpower.prx support. (Please replace the library.)
  • Ver5.0.1 :
    Changed the timer icon.(Thanks mido.)
    Changed the battery icon.(Thanks wn.)
    That can be combined to auto shutdown and auto sleep.
    *Shutdown in case of overlapping sleep timing, priority will be shut down.
    Ini file can be set separately by the VSH and GAME.
    *Please note that the ini file is renamed.
    Does not require a reboot to update the ini file.
    *ini file after updating the menu is closed.
    *When you update, the timer will be canceled.
    [Bug fix] when you select a setting button "-None-".
    [Bug fix] Fixes part of the owner information.
    cmlibmenu.prx support. (Please replace the lib folder.)
    cmlibpower.prx support. (Please replace the lib folder.)
  • Ver4.9.1 :
    Add Auto Shutdown function.
  • Ver4.9.0 :
    HOME button was removed from the list of keys.
    (If the HOME button on the combo button, None" is set as. Please note.)
    You can set the combo button and menu button.
    (But, If the combo button and menu buttons have the same setting, the preferred combo button.)
    When you close the menu, return the cursor to the beginning.
    cmLibPower.prx support. (Please place the lib folder.)
    [Bug fix] When you exit the menu by pressing the HOME button, the button can not be operated.
    [Bug fix] When the logging cycle is set to 0, can not return from the backlight off.
  • Ver4.8.5 :
    Change the way you view detailed information.
    When you view the menu, hide the battery information.
    prxlibmenu.prx support.
    Optimization of internal processes were carried out.
    (PSP Filer would have been such as to appear.)
  • Ver4.8.1 :
    6.20TN-E supported.
  • Ver4.8.0 :
    The idol sleep function of an auto mode was added. (at Game Only)
    The setting at the log output cycle was changed. (sec -> min)
    Fixed some bugs.(about menu display)
    Modified to allow the cancellation of the auto sleep.
    UI is a little changes.(Show key part)
  • Ver4.7 :
    When displayed in English, CPU clock display is missing fixes.
    Draw tentative deal canceled.
    (Reason: there is a problem for the homebrew operation found)
    *PSP Filer isn't on display and will be as specified.
    FW6.39 based CFW (LCFW) of the support.
  • Ver4.6 :
    Bug fix: The battery remainder amount time display cannot be corrected.
    The display form at operating time was changed.
    Changed to display Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature battery.
    *The main display of temperature changes for each language.
    It was displayed by a part of "Game" and "Homebrew".
    *The screen may flicker and more.
  • Ver4.5 :
    When not operating it during the fixed time, the sleep is done by the automatic operation.
    The displayed language was able to be changed.
    The color of the displayed character was able to be changed.
    When the menu is displayed, the sound is invalidated.
    "CPU clock information" menu was deleted from a detailed display.
    "CPU clock display" is moved to"Battery Information".
    Bug fix: The display is battery temperature with PSP go.
    Bug fix: When you are a non-English nickname is entered, the characters appear garbled.
    The review of the various ini file settings.(Please replace the ini file.)
    Fixed plugin names.("_" deleted. Please correct various txt files. )
    Process were optimized.
  • Ver4.4beta :
    Icons are displayed in the GAME mode.(Returned it.), CPU clock change menu is added.
    (However, GAME is only changed temporary at times.)
  • Ver4.3 :
    Fix a bug to don't works on FW6.38.(Thanks wn!)
  • Ver4.2 :
    Fix a bug to reboot in OFW when ini file enable.
  • Ver4.1 :
    Fix a bug to "PSP MODEL" and "language".
  • Ver4.0 : (PSP Genesis Competition 2011 Entry Start)
    Added menu to set up a "ini-file".
  • ...(Omitted. Please see the Readme.)
  • Ver2.0 :
    "PSP Power Controller" Released.

<Work environment>
Operation was confirmed in the following environments.
PSP-1000 6.60ME-1.5
PSP-2000 6.60ME-1.5
PSP-Go 6.39LME-9.5 / 6.39PRO-B9

[!] Confirmation of a conflict with other plug-ins do not. In some cases, may not work correctly.
[!] Outside the operating environment can not be guaranteed because of unconfirmed.
[!] so some feedback in other models/cfw is appreciated.

Thx for ChorizoConWebo.
-> This also works on my PSP 3001-03g running 6.20 TN-E & 6.20 PRO-B5.
Thx for flofrucht.
-> v4.1 works great on my PSPgo with 6.20TN-E and 6.20 PRO-B4.
Thx for wololo.
-> Works fine on my PSP 1000 5.00 m33 6
Thx for sephi-zack.
-> Ver4.4beta tested on psp Go 6.20 TN-E fix/ 6.20 PRO-B5 : it seems work fine.
Thx for FearEffect.
-> Version 4.4 beta works well on my PSP-2000 on 5.00 M33-6 in GAME and VSH
Thx for npt
-> Working lovely for me on m33-6

Code: Select all<Button Settings>
This is a default settings.
  1. Commbo Button        : R-Trigger(*1)
  2. Sleep Button         : Triangle Button(*2)
  3. Reboot Button        : Square Button(*3)
  4. Shutdown Button      : Circle Button(*4)
  5. LogSwitch Button     : VolUp Button(*5)
  6. AllDispSwitch Button : Screen Button(*6)
  7. TimerSet Button      : Cross Button(*7)
  8. BrightnessSet Button : VolDown Button(*8)
  9. MenuDisplay Button   : L-Trigger(*9)

  [!]pwrCtrl.ini directly edit, or can be set from the menu.
  [!]That can be configured for almost any item from the menu, ini file description is omitted.

<How to use this plugin>
  * Sleep Mode
    When you press (*1) and (*2) simultaneously, PSP and then to sleep.
  * Reboot Mode
    When you press (*1) and (*3) simultaneously, Restart your PSP.
    (Keeping Hen Mode.)
  * Shutdown Mode
    When you press (*1) and (*4) simultaneously, Turn off your PSP.
    (LCFW or HEN is return to OFW.)
  * Battery log output switch
    When you press (*1) and (*5) simultaneously, Switch to battery log output status.
    Logicon appears on the left screen.
  * All Diaplay Status Switch
    When you press (*1) and (*6) simultaneously, Toggles the visibility of any information on the screen.
  * Timer set
    When you press (*1) and (*7) simultaneously, The timer controls the state.
    Timericon appears on the left screen. IdleTimer(Auto) just can not control.
    Set the timer can be from the menu.
  * Brightness Settting
    When you press (*1) and (*8) simultaneously, Adjust the brightness on the PSP screen.
    Set the Brightness can be from the menu.
  * Menu
    When you press (*1) and (*9) simultaneously, Display the setup menu.
    You can set detailed items.

If anything, Twitter (@ SnyFbSx) please contact:=)
Thanks for everyone!

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#62833 by Flameaim
Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:37 pm
so this does?.......sry i didnt understand ur Introduction
#62913 by SnyFbSx
Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:22 pm
Sorry for confusing English...Fixed a bug with the version 4.1, so now, please use good.
#62915 by ChorizoConWebo
Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:36 pm
This also works on my PSP 3001-03g running 6.20 TN-E & 6.20 PRO-B5.
#63049 by flofrucht
Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:49 am
Ohh thanks, I actually enjoyed the previous versions v2 etc on my Go.

Thanks, v4.1 works great on my PSPgo with 6.20TN-E and 6.20 PRO-B4.

#63076 by flofrucht
Mon Apr 25, 2011 12:02 pm
6fran wrote:What I've understood from the plugin description is that you can use the plugin to assign button combinations for ex.: putting the PSP in sleep mode, shutting the psp down, etc.

I wrote for a site a text, just take a look if you don't understand it:

SnyFbSx's useful PSP Power Controller plugin has just been released, which also participates in npt's and wololo's PSP Genesis Competition 2011.

With this plugin you can create shortcuts for easily several things can change. As putting your PSP into sleep mode, automatic sleep mode, restart your PSP, power shutdown, battery info, PSP display information and the brightness (Brightness) to adjust. All practical options, but most are already in the VSH menu or something.

This version added a menu where you feed the controls, in the. ini file are, you adapt. This plugin should not exhibit cycles in combination with other plugins. For a full changelog and the standard controls you look below the spoiler.

Changelog and controls
Added menu to set up a "ini-file"
Ver4.1 :?"PSP MODEL" and "language" that fix a bug.

Standard controls

1.Sleep??????: HOME + Triangle button
2.Autosleep???: HOME + Cross button (which triggers the Auto Sleep)
????????????Put a timer in VSH, GAME if you are running, VSH is disabled in timer.
3.Restart????: HOME + Square Button
4.Supply OFF??: HOME + button Circle
5.Battery View?: HOME + screen button (the display can be switched ON?OFF)
6.Log output??: HOME + VolUp button (the logging can be switched ON?OFF)
7.Brightness??: HOME + VolDown button (screen brightness can be switched)
??*1: By default, the battery indicator is ON, the display is OFF and log.
??*2: Intensity change is to switch the default brightness and brightness before switching 0.
??*3: By default, the auto sleep has become such a setting and do.


#63176 by SnyFbSx
Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:36 pm
?Thanks for the description of this plugin.
?I'm not a very good English and very helpful.
?It is very lucky to have met you. Thank you.

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