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#57021 by Akabane87
Sun Apr 10, 2011 12:16 am
SquareForce is a 2D space shooter which takes place in nearly future. Some scientists have created a new technology : the SquareTile, which has been then stolen by the army to create a new terrible weapon : the SquareMaster. One day they loose control of this weapon which starts suddenly to eradicate all traces of living organism. The only survivors are those who exile themselves in space. 3 centuries later humans are spread in all the universe and live in fear to see one day the troops of the SquareMaster come to finish their job.

In SquareForce you will be a human who just passed the SquareShip's pilote exam to enter the SquareForce which is a company of mercenaries which tries to prepare to the inevitable incoming war. A SquareShip is a spaceship constituted of SquareTiles. The biggest property of these SquareTiles is that you can built a SquareShip of any form from them. Each SquareTile in the game have a special type (hull, engine, gun, missile launcher or mine launcher) and special properties.

You will be able to travel in a huge universe composed of tones of sectors with bases, cruisers and ships which will be police patroles, pirates or more freackly troops of the SquareMaster. You will have the possibility to land on any bases to customise your squareship, buy/sell objects and equipment and take new missions.

These are the objectives I fixed but I don't know if I will have enough time to implement all this stuff (but I'll try as hard as I can ^^).
The release will be named chapter 1 and will integrate a new part of the main story. In the future, each chapter will bring a new episode to the story and probably new contents and enhancements.

Here is the prolog of SquareForce you can download to make yourself a little idea of what is SquareForce and what is already done.
signed (and shrinked) uploaded by toBsucht :

How to play :
stick to change the direction of your ship and move the crosshair
cross to accelerate
square/circle to dash right/left
triangle to stop engines (any movement will restart engines)
L trigger maintained to target an enemy
R trigger to fire
(pad left/right to turn (alternative))
select to change level of zoom in the radar
start to display the main menu

Some screenshots :

svn repository :

This version is now integrating english language but has been originally created in french (yep I'm french so sorry for my poor english). I've created a language system in the game that allows every one to add a new language to the game by simply modifying texts files.
This is where you can (if you want) participate a little to this project and add your mother language to this game.

You just have to create a new directory in Res/ (like English/ and French/ ones) copy past all the text files which are in the reference language from which you will translate the text and then translate all the files as best as you can. Finally the last step is too open Res/languages.ini and add a new line with :
[the name of the language (which will be displayed in the language menu)]=[the path of the directory]
for example : English=Res/English/


Just take care too keep the original structure of each file (new lines, etc) and take care to encode the files in unix ansi (don't use windows notepad because you will get CR+LF instead of LF for each new line). You can use Notepad++ which allows you to choose ansi and unix format.
The code is not at all permissive (I try to spare time) so any mistakes in the text files will cause a crash of your psp (I got one just because of the CR LF of windows new line in the ini file).

The first thing to do should be to do a better english translation of the current one (made by myself so prepare to cry xD). Then people could start if they want to add more languages support from the new english version.

Thanks for all your support and to those who will try to add new languages.

And stay tuned for the next version (next one will be chapter 1 version alpha).

Update 29/05/2011 :

SquareForce : Chapter 1 Demo :

Some new screenshots :

Update 02/06/2011 :

Here is the no_sound version (with my new on demand texture loader functional) :
SquareForce : Chapter 1 Demo (No_Sound)
SquareForce : Chapter 1 Demo (Sound) (potentially bugged with mp3 in the intro)

New features :
- new planet texture loader system completely functionnal :
All the planet's textures are loaded in a separate thread during the game. As planets are very far from each others, only one plent can be displayed in the same time. This is why I implemented such a system, in order to not load all planets' textures needed in the sector at the begining of the game (the ram wouldn't be sufficient for this).

Update 09/06/2011 :

1st stable version (no more crash) with sound and multithreaded loader :
SquareForce : Chapter 1 Demo (r40)

PS: don't hesitate to give me feedback of what is good and what could be improved.
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#57221 by toBsucht
Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:34 am
your game does work with ofw, i used PRXEncrypter_Pack_v3.0 to sign it. Good luck!
#57230 by wololo
Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:43 am
My understanding is that this prologue is not what you plan to submit to the genesis competition.
This prologue has been submitted to other websites a few weeks ago, and therefore is not a valid entry for the contest. It is perfectly fine to discuss it in the competition's forum, but my understanding is that this is not your submission.
I'm moving this outside of the "submissions" forum, please contact me or npt by PM if my understanding is incorrect.

Good luck with the project, can't wait for your actual entry :)
#57251 by Akabane87
Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:08 am
This is true that the prolog isn't the final submission for the contest but you can see this version as the base app used for chapter one since chapter 1 is the evolution of the prolog. You can see it as a continuous update which add more features and story background at each chapter. This version is already very different to the one proposed for the XtreamLua contest since the gameplay has been refactored, the lock system has been added, the factory system too and the support for languages.

Anyway I don't see any problem if this version can't be accepted as it is now for the contest ^^, the most important thing is that this topic is in this forum and ppl can see the evolution of the game and take part in the localization process.

Thanks for having tested the signature ToBsucht. I didn't tryed it and it sounds really good :) .
#57258 by wololo
Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:24 am
Akabane87 wrote:This version is already very different to the one proposed for the XtreamLua contest since the gameplay has been refactored, the lock system has been added, the factory system too and the support for languages.

Ah, my bad then, I'll download it and give it a try, and move it back to the "submissions" section if it looks ok, stay tuned :)
#57276 by wololo
Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:53 am
Ok, good to go, sorry for the false alarm, my decision was just based on the fact that you said this was the prologue, not realizing you had made good changes since the last version.
Support for languages is definitely a nice addition, keep the updates coming.

And welcome to the competition :)

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