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#54356 by spike_132000
Fri Apr 01, 2011 10:49 pm
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There is a new version out: Version 6: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5960
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   ##  /   ## E Q S O F T (C) 2011
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PSPInstaller 5 (version 5.30)
Spike_132000 in colab with Corrosion at

PSPInstaller 5 is the successor of PSPInstaller 4.12. PSPInstaller runs on both OFW and CFW and allows the users to easily install homebrew, themes and plugins. The Process is simply, browse the file database, select the file, and choose to download and install it straight away, or download it now and install it later! When the process is complete you can exit to the XMB to play the new downloaded game/application, or install the new CXMB theme.

This version will (eventually) also feature Featured Apps/Games/Themes. I am hoping (to pay for server costs) that people will want to advertise there stuff within PSPInstaller so it appears on the front page (see screenshots below) and may well be the first thing that users will see.

I am looking to take on 4 apps/themes/games for the full initial release of PSPInstaller, So if you are interrested. Please give me a shout. Details can be found within the download and within the application.


- Press L and R Trigger to exit!
- This app requires WiFi but will run in a limited state without it.
- This app does not support Game Catagories and may not ever unfortunately.

This app is community driven and requires everyone's help! Please upload your homebrew to:

Signed Eboots / Themes that work on Official Firmware:
Unsigned Eboots / CXMB Themes:

Code: Select allArchives need to be in ZIP file format. The archive should replicate the root of the memory stick. So your ZIP archive should include a PSP Folder and inside that one should include a GAME Folder, then the GAMENAME in that one, then the EBOOT and additional files required.


The Genesis logo is part of the boot up and is contained in this download

NEW VERSION (5.30) - All Signed (Works on CFW and OFW)
Download: VERSION 6: viewtopic.php?f=26&t=5960
Delete any previous version of PSPInstaller and copy the PSPInstaller_5 folder to your PSP/GAME or PSP/GAME5XX Folder

Code: Select allChanges in current version: 5.30

   C - Changed image loading system on startup
   C - Now sets correct mode when download only is used
   C - update the update.lua file when it needs to be.
   C - should now be able to exit from home button

ToDo: 5.31+
   Progress Bar (Currently Testing Methods out... Not going well...)
   In-App update (Option Exists but is not currently selectable)
   Easy Installer (This is a maybe!)
   Figure out which type of PSP is being used (1000, 2000, 3000, n1000)

Previous Changes:

   A - Denotes Addition
   X - Denotes Removal
   C - Denotes Changed

-- PSPInstaller 5.29

   C - Fixed changing values of update information

-- PSPInstaller 5.28

   A - Added Settings Menu, Allows memory device selection and Junk Removal toggle
   A - Added update check for unneeded files on startup
   C - Fixed not being able to select Download Only on featured applications
   C - Minor UI Fixes here and there.
   C - New Eboot size (From 5MB to 952Kb)

-- PSPInstaller 5.27

   C - Fixed positioning of featured apps
-- PSPInstaller 5.26

   C - Fixed some UI errors

-- PSPInstaller 5.25
   C - Fixed Download Featured even though no featured existed
   A - Featured Apps DB
-- PSPInstaller 5.24

   C - Fixed NEWS.LUA not found error
   C - More UI Fixes
   A - Error Correction
   C - Sorted Online Files

-- PSPInstaller 5.23

   C - UI Fixes
   A - Star Icon for featured Apps
   A - Advertisement for featured Apps
   C - File Layout
-- PSPInstaller 5.18 (Initial Public Release for NPT's PSP Genesis Competition)

   C - New GUI Interface
   C - File removal code
   A - Featured Applications
   A - Download Now, Install Later feature

Please bug report and give me your comments, I really want to make this application the best it can possibly be.
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#54360 by kenta15
Fri Apr 01, 2011 11:09 pm
At least you have the download link =D nice app
#54402 by equis
Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:09 am
Well, you should had sent a private message to the Mods in order to reopen the previous post but.... well, it's done.
Your application sounds promising, but as it needs wifi connection, seems similar to... you know what.
Sorry, I didn't know about your application before this, but I think it will be more like a developer's interface, with some specific instructions build to developer and so install all possible homebrew in the PSP without problems to the final user. Something like an installer in the PC.
Only saying... :roll:
#54479 by karkinissan
Sat Apr 02, 2011 6:06 am
A few errors
When the application loads up, connects to the internet and downloads some files, after coming to the message below, it freezes.

Then it gives me the message below.

I restart, Then it gives me the message below:

<probably because the internet it still connected.

After I continue, I get the following message

I restart and the cycle continues.
Hope this gets fixed soon.

And I am on a psp 3000, 6.35 PRO B3
#54558 by spike_132000
Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:31 am
Hi Karkinissan, the whole phase of downloading and updating should not be interupted by screenshots, please wait for the process to complete as it will download the files eventually. from 55 to 70 percent it is downloading the featured app images, please download again and try again without interupting it. I will work on better correction methods to prevent this from happening. Thanks

Hi equis, im not entirely sure what you mean by the second half of your post. It is solely for the use of end-users, not developers.
#54604 by wololo
Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:02 pm
Entry accepted, welcome to the competition.
This looks like it could become major. I've ran into problems quitting the application (could be one of my plugins causing an issue).
I'd also love to see a progress bar when downloading/installing.

Finally, I tried to install Wolf3D, and Wolf3D ran its own menu, but didn't accept to run any actual game. I assume this is because the res files are required...maybe the game description, or something should give a hint that additional downloads might be required...

Very nice app, anyways, let's hope the "community driven" goal will catch up. I'd be interested to get people's opinion on how this compare to similar homebrews :)

Edit: I updated the thread's name for clarification.
#54610 by spike_132000
Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:38 pm
Thanks Wololo!

I am also having issues with exiting but i think this has something to do with PGELua (although im sure it worked in previous versions) Will work on that.

Also, PGE doesn't allow me to animate whilst files are being downloaded. I did research into this and got told it wasn't possible, I am far from experienced enough to create my own net stuff.
#54612 by wololo
Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:51 pm
I see, it is probably not multithreaded. In that case I would suggest the following:
When the app starts, it downloads a few files (promoted contents, etc...), right? At that time, maybe you could measure how long it took to download the files, to get an idea of the user's average download speed.
Then, based on this info, when somebody starts a download, display how long you estimate this would take.

At the very least, displaying the size of the download would be good. I watched at the Wolf3D download for literally 5 minutes before deciding to go do something else. Other homebrews took much less time, so I assume this really depends on the size of the homebrew.
#54629 by karkinissan
Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:16 pm
spike_132000 wrote:Hi Karkinissan, the whole phase of downloading and updating should not be interupted by screenshots, please wait for the process to complete as it will download the files eventually. from 55 to 70 percent it is downloading the featured app images, please download again and try again without interupting it. I will work on better correction methods to prevent this from happening. Thanks

Dude, I am not stupid! I know what I am doing.
BTW, what is the minimum bandwidth required to download those files? <if a high bandwidth is required><if not, then those above errors I mentioned keep on coming>

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