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EBOOT-Direkt-Launch : Which Homebrew I should defined as the second default Homebrew ?

#50700 by MixeryM@xe
Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:25 pm
Plugin name: PowerFlashLite+
Version: 2.0
Author: MixeryM@xe

Updated and older Version
Download v2.0 :

Add some Hardware/Config-Infos to PFLmenu(dis-enable "MenuInfo" in PFLconfig.txt)
Add Analog-Pad to ButtonTester again (some problems solved)
Change menu handling (especial Display handling)
Now you can change Display-Brightness in small steps
Code cleaned -> resource-saving
Add my favorite colors to Menu :D
Add HideMAC to config (get a funny one)
Add Eboot-Direct launch from XMB


Hi all

This Plugin makes your PSP to a Flashlite and have a Butto-Tester and Pixel-Fixer integrated (who needs :?: )

This plugin has been develops on a PSP Slim & Lite 2004, tested 5.00 M33-6, 5.50GEN-D3 and 6.20 TN-D.
Also tested on 6.35 Pro/6.37ME-8 and PSP Phat(5.00M33-4)!
EDIT 11.4.2011:
I have just tested myself on my Slim (dc 7D) with "6.35 PRO-B4 Custom Firmware".
It does not work correctly.It does not read the config.With reboot/shutdown have also problems.

Thanks to "Shin" for testing beta version(1.8.6), because of Bluetooth LED(PSP GO).
EDIT 30.4.2011:
Now it works correctly on 5.00M33-6/5.50GED-D3/6.20TN-E/6.35/6.37ME-8/6.38ME-2

What can this plugin?

-Flashlight on XMB
-Pixel-Fixer on XMB
-Button-Tester on XMB
-LED's on / off (Power,MS,WLAN,Bluetooth(only PSP GO))
-Display on / off
-Display-Brightness-level min/max
-AntiUser Mode (with PSP shutdown or back to XMB, edit in PFLconfig.txt)
-PSP shutdown (LEDs blink one times.(Dis/Enable in config))
-PSP Coldreset (LEDs blink two times.(Dis/Enable in config))
-VSH Restart (for HEN user(LEDs blink three times.(Dis/Enable in config )))
-Launch two Eboot's direct and without Gameboot-Sequence from XMB NEW

-Battery Warning at 20/10/5 Batt.%
-Auto-Disable LED's on start up
-Auto-Disable LED's while playing videos from MS-Card
-shutdownBlinkLED (Power-LED blink when reset/shutdown the PSP.You can enable or disable this feature in config)
-Dis-Enable Infotext (Only in Flashlight Mode)
-BTcolor_bg (Color of Buttontester(background), can choose between 5 colors.Black, White, Red, Blue, Green)
-BTcolor_tx (Color of Buttontester(text), can choose between 5 colors.Black, White, Red, Blue, Green)
-AntiUserShutdown (Shutdown after Blue Screen (1) or back to XMB (0) )
-autoAntiUser (AntiUser mode on start up with 1.Disable with 0 )
-Hide your MAC-Address and get a funny one :D NEW

EBOOT Launch Information:
You have two Homebrews and three ways to start it!
(If EbootStartEN enabled -> PFLconfig.txt)
If you want to hide your HBs on XMB than you have to put your EBOOT to;
If they should not be hidden than put it to;
The third way is way to save disk space!Maybe the homebrew are anyway
on the MS-Cards and it is widely used :)
Is neither
"ms0: / PSP/MyEboot1/EBOOT.PBP"
found on her MS, than the Plugin go to start a Homebrew in:

Its my favorite Homebrew :P
Currently i have only the first predefined homebrew.
The second comes after a survey ;)

Add a Configfile for custom Key-Combo or disable any option
For more Information look at "PFLconfig.txt"

Default-Control (without Configfile)

LTRIGGER+UP = Flashlight on/off
LTRIGGER+RIGHT = Pixel-Fixer on/off
LTRIGGER+DOWN = Button-Tester on/off
LTRIGGER+SQUARE = Change Button-Tester-Color background
LTRIGGER+CIRCLE = Change Button-Tester-Color text
RTRIGGER+UP = Display on/off
RTRIGGER+LEFT = Brightness min
RTRIGGER+RIGHT = Brightness max
RTRIGGER+DOWN = AntiUser Mode with shutdown (disable in PFLconfig.txt)
HOME+UP = PSP ColdReset
HOME+DOWN = PSP Shutdown

AutoDisableLEDs = 0 Disable
VideoDisableLEDs = 0 Disable
ShutdownBlinkLED = 0 Disable
Infotext = 1 Enable
BattWarn20 = 0 Disable
BattWarn10 = 0 Disable
BattWarn5 = 0 Disable
BTcolor_bg = 0 (black)
BTcolor_tx = 1 (white)
AntiUserShutdown = 1 (shutdown after Blue Screen)
AutoAntiUser = 0 Disable
HideMAC = 0 Disable NEW

If PFLmenu enabled and no buttons defined
HOME = Menu open/close
SQUARE = Option enable
CIRCLE = Option disable
UP = Menu move up
DOWN = Menu move down

(only in Menu mode)
PowerControl = 0 (disable)

If EbootStartEN enabled and no buttons defined

EbootStartEN = 0 (disable) NEW


Copy PowerFlashLight+.prx to "ms0:/seplugins/PowerFlashLight+.prx"
Open the "vsh.txt" (if not available, create new) and add following line:

ms0:/seplugins/PowerFlashLight+.prx 1

For custom key-combo or disable any options, copy "PFLconfig.txt"
to "ms0:/seplugins/PFLconfig.txt" and modify it.

Restart your PSP.




PFLmenu with MenuInfo and PowerControl

PFLmenu without MenuInfo and PowerControl

Sorry again for the bad pics :oops:

Add some Hardware/Config-Infos to PFLmenu(dis-enable "MenuInfo" in PFLconfig.txt)
Add Analog-Pad to ButtonTester again (some problems solved)
Change menu handling (especial Display handling)
Now you can change Display-Brightness in small steps
Code cleaned -> resource-saving
Add my favorite colors to Menu :D
Add HideMAC to config (get a funny one)
Add Eboot-Direct launch from XMB

Add Battery warning at 20/10/5 Percent(look at PFLconfig.txt)
Add MenuUP & MenuDown to config(for Menu move)
Change Menu-style

Add Menu (enable it in config file)
Add PowerControl (only in Menu mode.Look at PFLconfig.txt))
Add Yellow to Buttontester

Add Bluetooth LED to LEDcontrol(for PSP GO user)

Add videoDisableLED to config (autoDisable LEDs while playing Videos)
Add shutdownBlinkLED to config (Power-LED blink, or not, when press the ColdReset-,VSH Restart-,Shutdown-Buttoncombo)
Fixed a little bug in Flashlight-Mode
One version for CFW/LCFW 5.00,5.50,6.20,6.35,6.37.

Removed Analog-Pad from Bottuntester
Fixed a bug in relation to config
Now it works correctly on 5.00-5.50/6.20/6.35

Add AntiUser-Mode
Add AntiUserShutdown to config
Add autoAntiUser to config

Add VSH Restart for HEN user
LEDs blink one times at Shutdown
LEDs blink two times at Coldrestart
LEDs blink three times at VSH Restart
Flashlight blink one times at 10%/5% batt.
Add Analog-Pad to Bottuntester

Fixed a little bug in Buttontester
Add more colors to Buttontester(front & background)
Fixed a little bug in Pixelfixer
Change colors from Pixelfixer(R:255,G:255,B:255)

Change Buttontester
Bug fixed

Add Configfile
Add Buttontester
Add AutoDisableLEDs

not the first version :D (lost overview :P)
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#50722 by ASKidwai
Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:08 pm
let me be the first to congratulate you on this supreme plugin. I am testing this on 5.00 M33-6 and will let you know the results

This plugin is awesome. I like it. It works perfectly but
1. LED on/off won't work
2. Controls are a bit difficult to master. Could you make it like for example L TRIGGER +AnalogUP is flashlight on. but off is L TRIGGER + AnologDOWN. Could you make it like that just one combo is for on and off as well?
#50741 by toBsucht
Tue Mar 22, 2011 5:38 pm
Nice plugin maybe it is helpful in some cases.

but i don´t wanna use a plugin that cold reset/ turn off my system. Maybe u can do a littel mod or can i edit a config file?n :D
Last edited by toBsucht on Tue Apr 12, 2011 5:18 pm, edited 1 time in total.
#50804 by Halvhjearne
Tue Mar 22, 2011 8:03 pm
thanx a lot, and nice plugin ... everything seems to work perfectly for me on gen d3, theres only these 2 little bugs, that i can think of and dont like too much ...

1. when u return to normal screen mode it seems to reset brightness rather than just returning to previus settings ...

2. when u switch mode, u have to release activation buttons before u can switch mode again ...

... dont know if these are intesionally built in or just annoying bugs?

anyway, nice plugin, i like it ... :D
#50906 by rainof89
Wed Mar 23, 2011 1:09 am
very nice plugin :D . Finally a plugin you can disable LEDs. Will be using this feature in the night and hopefully it will help save some battery life. Thanks
#50965 by frank
Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:20 am
you should change the key combo for pixel fixer from square and up to something else
when you scroll up in the internet browser it activates it
argh just did it again
lol posting this on a psp
#51189 by nakano
Wed Mar 23, 2011 8:14 pm
This sounds to be an interesting concept as sometimes I use PSP for reading and the lights annoy me. This can be used with Bookr and other homebrews, right? However, would it be possible to use only one CUSTOM key combination to open a menu where user may select what to do? Learning all of the key combinations is a task and these combinations may be problem when using certain homebrews / playing games. The possible ini file could also include what settings user is able to do. I don't know where I would need pixel fixer or shutdown features, for example.
#51740 by npt
Fri Mar 25, 2011 9:30 pm
Welcome to the competition! You are accepted. Very interesting plugin, interesting use of the PSP. I'll be curious to see what the final version looks like...keep up the good work!


#53649 by MixeryM@xe
Thu Mar 31, 2011 12:58 am
Hi folks !

Thanks for feedbacks and reporting bugs.Also thanks for accept my entry.

I have updated my plugin and add a configfile for custom key-combos or disable any options of this plugin.

Update.Look at first post.

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