The biggest PSP Homebrew competition ever.
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#71843 by D-TeK-DeV
Wed May 25, 2011 5:09 pm
1. Big booty judy
2. 6.3x Downgrader by some1
3. PRO B5
4. I like all the other homebrews so I hope that everyone who took part in the competition gets $10.
#72054 by Pie
Thu May 26, 2011 12:26 pm
I hope it's Lamecraft
Dude totally in my mind deserves the money
#72068 by moz
Thu May 26, 2011 1:15 pm
for me the best entries at the moment are:

Best game is Lamecrat by Drakon

very awesome homebrew, the dev is amazing and keep adding features, also the gameplay is really enjoyable, everyone can pick it up it and start building whatever they want (^_^
it reminds me of little big planet kind of games, peoples on the game's forum share their maps and texture packs and so on... with some sort of server that act for a store for maps and texture packs (the dlc lol) it will be better than most of the official psp games...

Best application is Downgrader by some1

i don't need this cause i own a psp slim fully flashable, but hey everyone with a go or a brite and stuck on ofw can now avoid to buy a preowed psp to enjoy the amazing hombrew scene so... this is an amazing application! (edit also thaks to this neur0n made his LCFW 6.39 the temporary version)

Best plugin is PrxShot by Codestation

It's the best screenshot prx ever made. it is compatible with any firmware and under any game mode from vsh to disc to iso to aloader anything
and it makes really organized folder structure, reminds me of my ps3... it's awesome, really high quality work ^_^)

to me these 3 are the best homebrew stuff at the moment. they're totally different so i can't say wich ones is better :P

[EDIT] Silveredge is my new favourite 2011 genesis competition homebrew, but just cause i love that kind of games and they're so rare on psp (actually i know only another onelike silveredge)
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#72380 by moz
Fri May 27, 2011 12:21 pm
varun wrote:anything except a homebrew game(thats why i hate this compo :cry: (note lamecraft is partially a game)

lamecraft is partially a game. true
but the dev keep updating it, and accept lot of suggestions from the players, also lamecraft comunity is growing... peoples love it... even if just a beta they already started played lot of hours, they made awesome maps, they already modded its textures and so on...
lamecraft is growing, and i really like it ^^

i see your point of view... without developers that program appolications like some1 downgrader, like tn or pro firmwares there will be no way to play homebrew games on newer psp but... imagine just homebrew app and no homebrew games... c'mon most of psp games sucks i use mine only for emulators or brew games... they're much more funny and you can help the developement too with suggestion and bug reports...

bottom line both games and applications are importants for homebrew scene... this is just my point of view i can be wrong thou ^_^''
and i love genesis competition cause developers of any kind can submit their work, game, plugin, application or whatever!
#72399 by Kasumi
Fri May 27, 2011 1:26 pm
varun wrote:anything except a homebrew game(thats why i hate this compo :cry: (note lamecraft is partially a game)

I'm genuinely curious as to why you don't want a game to win. I'd assume you have a PSP, so my next assumption would be you like games on some level. So are the games that have been entered not up to standard or is it something else? :?:

I'm totally the opposite. I hope a game wins. I actually stayed on firmware 1.5 for the longest time (until at least 2009 when 5.00 was already out), because all I wanted to do was make games for this thing, and to heck with custom firmware features.

Anyway, not judging you, just curious. :)

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